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Monday, April 30, 2007

Why Vote and Nothing Changes?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I never vote- unless I know the cat’s in the bag and that my vote is going to make a real difference and not just a symbolic exercise in freedom. That, to me, means voting in blocs. I am not about the business of a show vote for partisan support or for a moral victory in We Shall Overcome. I am still a Black Panther at heart, and I believing in overthrowing somebody- not just anybody- but those incumbents that cannot get the job done.

With the May 12 local elections upon us, and a national presidential election around the corner, you can take it to the bank!

I like to hold out my vote until the last minute, until somebody gives me something to hang my hat on. It makes me no difference which party. I just like to be in a negotiating position against any political candidate for the best deal. I do not campaign unless I am assured that our demands will be met from that candidate. Our base provides the clout for them to deliver. Otherwise, we vote out of office those who double-cross us.

To insure that no political party member mistake my motive, I announce- whenever I am in a room with Republicans, I call myself a Democrat- and whenever I am in a room with Democrats, I announce that I am a Republican- which is my way of saying to each, that in the past both parties have left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It also makes for an interesting conversation whenever you are the oddball in the midst of a partisan get-together. If I were a Democrat in a room full of other Democrats, I would get nothing but a glad hand and a slap on the back for my support- and vice versa if I were a Republican.

The good thing about being an oddball in a partisan congregation of like believers is the fact that I get a chance to raise issues about certain platform stances that otherwise would not be called into question by the uncritical that follow the herd. I would hate to endorse a candidate and come back, in hindsight, and advocate their removal from office. If I make a mistake in character judgment, make sure that I will be the last to see it, because I trust every man at his word.

I never dice the carrot against my favor. I always ask, which candidate has the odds and why. Recently, I noticed a great apathy in the African-American community at the polls. This made me realize that I would look foolish jumping out in public talking about some mystical great “black vote”. My community is full of black Democrats and black Republicans and both taken together will not amount to a hill of beans at the polls. If I vote for the losing side, I take it personal and not as a product of my so-called black vote.

Instead of preaching to the apathetic and voting for losers, I spend my energy grooming the kids. I want them to know that, because of voter apathy, they have the power to overthrow somebody. In the last election, my precinct reported less than 1,000 votes or less than 2% of the voting population in the black community. Even eighteen-year old high school students in just one high school can do better. Why not rally them to overthrow somebody?

I will be speaking to UTA students on Tuesday night (05/01/07) about voting. Guess what my message is going to be? You got it. Overthrow somebody.

Town Hall Meeting
University of Texas at Arlington
701 S. Nedderman, Drive
Arlington, Texas 76019

Time: 7:00 PM

Contact for Additional Information
Junichi Lockett, UTA Political Action Chair

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