Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Last Word on War

Excerpts from “Mums is the Word on War”, Eddie Griffin’s rebuttal to Star-Telegram Bob Ray Sanders, republished in The Dallas Weekly.

“The last thing I want is a debate over the War in Iraq. Sometimes the words of war are more damaging than the war itself,” writes Eddie Griffin, self-described as “a man of war all my life”.

I have been urged by the younger generation to speak out against this war. Heretofore, I have remained relatively silent, only breaking my silence when it was discovered that there were no “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, which I suspected all along. But Congress bought this story and, originally, the American public supported it. This was the same type of supportive climate that we saw at the start of the Vietnam War in the early 1960s that fizzled out some 6 or 7 years later. I could well anticipate, the longer the war, the more the public’s support would decline.

This war differs, however, from Vietnam, insofar as both the American military and the enemy combatants are voluntary soldiers, with the will and zeal to fight each other to the death. I believe that if each side hates each other so much, they should be allowed to go at it until they get tired and weary of fighting.

[My Position on the War]

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