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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Civil Rights Lawyer Bobbie Edmonds Hits High Note in NY Amsterdam News

The New York Amsterdam News, the largest Black newspaper in the country carries today the story of Shaquanda Cotton, and the aftermath of the 15 year-old's release, after completing a year of her seven-year maximum term for pushing a school door monitor at her Paris, TX high school. Coming home from prison for the 15-year old has been neither pretty nor easy. Many wonder how she will fare in the highly charged racial climate of Paris, Texas.

But, Shaquanda Cotton is in the good hands Bobbie Edmonds, Esq., nationally famed Black civil rights lawyer from Fort Worth, Texas. According to the latest issue of the New York Amsterdam News:

Bobbie Edmonds is part of a team of attorneys that will look into the racial climate in Paris.

“My contribution would be to make sure that there were violations to civil rights, violations of school district policies, to see if there needs to be any monitoring of the disciplinary tactics that were used,” Edmonds said.

“There needs to be a move to make our school board members and elected officials accountable to the safety of our school and the children in the school system. The tax dollars that pay for the in-house counsels of the school district, it’s our tax dollars that help pay for it.” New York Amsterdam News

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