Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sisters Speak Out

Black men don’t call black women “nappy-headed ‘hoes” unless they a looking for a fight from the sisters. Black women, who voices have been stifled in all this, have been rapping also about the same insults and about not taking anymore. Black women have a way of setting men straight, Imus included. But when rap music sells, be it a black woman or man, the artist gets his or her due base on the merit of its artistic expression, not its insult. And, besides sometimes there is a social message in the rap lyrics that need to be heard.

Source: “Race-Baiting Recrimination” by Eddie Griffin

Pauline writes:

As a black woman, I have never respected the rappers or anybody else who call black women all sorts of names and I don't listen to them. My parents taught me better… My take on Imus is he does feel that he can and say things that other people do and say. Joking or no-joking, this language is unacceptable for all people. I never felt the need to belittle and disrespect myself because other people did. In other words, I have never been one to go with the crowd. I have my own identity (of course I have been criticized)… The bottom line is money. Someone said on TV that this type of talk is what sells. I was encouraged to see the sponsors pull out. I would be happy to see those companies who pay to promote the rappers and their disrespectful language pull out their support. On the other hand, they could be put out of business if nobody bought the trash they sell. The world needs a lot of cleansing and purging. We are constantly sinking (spiritually and physically; loss of lives) and those who are looked on as spokespersons does not shout loud enough to be heard. Those who attempt to speak out are not heard.

What Other Sisters are Saying

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Oprah Winfrey Blasted By 50 Cent

Fifty Cent, rapper extraordinaire, has claimed that Oprah Winfrey has lost her way with the black community and has gone “white.” Oprah: Gone White?

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