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Monday, March 10, 2008


One Flew Over the Coo-Coo Nest: Part 2

When D. L. Hughley stood on stage at Fort Worth Bass Hall and called Hillary Clinton a “bitch”, I immediately leaped to my feet in the audience and tried to boo him off stage. The police had to literally drag me out. (See here)

All for what: Defending the honor of Hillary Clinton?

I am now ashamed of myself by Senator Clinton has no longer any honor in my eyes. Gosh! Someone called her “a monster”. She is worse.

How can she wink at the America public, and say things with secret evil meanings to others of like ilk… those who lie and love a lie.

By Eddie Griffin

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Kitchen Sink Strategy used by Senator Hillary Clinton did more than smear the good name of Senator Barack Obama. It was the worst manipulation and deceit ever seen in politics, even more demonic than the infamous “Swiftboat Strategy” that killed the presidential candidacy of John Kerry.

Winner Take All? We don’t think so.

We have seen the public manipulated by mass media deceit, in exchange for defaming Senator Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton’s campaign devised to publish select disinformation to the media in order to make a deceptive political statement: “Wink-Wink”.

She claimed that Obama was double-talking on NAFTA, which her husband (insert: Former President) Bill Clinton had championed. This was simple trickery insofar as a Canadian government official was induced into defaming Senator Obama. The Canadian government, however, has since conceded what Obama was saying was true: “It never happened.”

How could he answer otherwise? How can he speak for an aide accused of something the aide never said? The Newsweek transcripts confirmed: It never happened.

But Hillary Clinton capped the deception off in “Wink-Wink” fashion, falsely claiming that Obama was double-talking on NAFTA, saying one thing to the Canadian government and another thing to the Ohio voter... when she knew the contrary was true... she making it instrumental in the Kitchen Sink Strategy. So, she knew of the deception before hand.

And, then she insinuated that Obama’s bonehead real estate deal associated him with corruption, where there is no link to be found. At worst, here was an accused organized crime figure trying to get close to a presidential hopeful by selling him a piece of real estate under market value. Such attempts at political corruptions happen all the time. For example, look at the Clinton’s “Whitewater Scandal”.

Everybody knows how corruption creeps into politics by bribery. When the Obama campaign, once learning the corrupt source, returned the money as it wisely should.

“Wink-Wink,” Hillary Clinton did this thing in the Eleventh Hour of the Night, on the Eve of the March 4 Primaries. Mark her words: “Wink-Wink” becomes the immortal words of the Kitchen Sink Strategy.

Wink-Wink, America, you just got deceived.


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