Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Battle Line Between Clinton & Obama Forges Forward in Texas

Do you remember the Texas primaries where Hillary Clinton won the plurality but we claimed Barack Obama won the precinct caucuses, and therefore, more delegates?

Well, since then, there has been chaos and numerous complaints about how the caucuses were conducted and allegations of delegate rip-offs. Today, at last, I received notice from the credential committee that I have advanced to the next round of caucuses in Texas as an Obama delegate.

What shocks me is the fact that we are carrying three Clinton delegates to the senatorial district caucus. How in the world did that happen? Of the 500 or so people who attended the precinct caucus, over 90% of our precinct favored Obama. We should have easily squeezed out the Clinton delegates.

But something happened. Since people waited for over two hours for the polls to close, many went home without voting in the caucus. Others were given the option of signing in and then going home. By the time we began selecting our 20 delegates for the next round, we had only 23 people left to choose from. Hence, we lost three delegates by default… our fault.

In any case, I made the first cut. After the next cut, the survivors go to the state convention in Austin, then the national in Denver.

I cannot say how important the Texas delegation is. All I know is that I am one.

A petition is now forming, calling for Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the race. (Read below). Afrospear bloggers are building their case on line, as to why she must go.

I support this action. And, as a delegate, it is imperative that I inform Democratic Party leaders of the perils of continued divisive tactics being used on the campaign trail.

Here is the latest:

Clinton advisor James Carville refuses to apologize for calling New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson a “Judas”, after Richardson endorsed Obama.

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