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Friday, March 21, 2008

Confession of a Black Man: Where am I going wrong?

TO BOB RAY SANDERS, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Where am I going wrong, Bob Ray? Maybe I should pray in the morning before I read the newspaper. Because after reading it, I am so angry that maybe my prayer for America may not be getting through. This is a hopeless country.

Now what?

I come in this morning and the security guard tells me that some government contractors have been rifling through Barack Obama’s passport files. Then he asked, “What were they looking for… more dirt? If the man ate chocolate ice cream, they would make an issue out of that.”

Thank God, even a white middle-American security guard can see what’s going on. Nevertheless, the question sticks with me? What were they looking for, and who were they secretly working for? I can see the Watergate break-in, all over again… spies looking for dirt to use in a presidential campaign.

Even more, what were they planning to do with what they find… try to manipulate the outcome of an election by trickery, disinformation, and false imaginary. This past week they have already played Jeremiah Wright on television news so many times that they may as well give him a comedy show like Flip Wilson. If America finds this entertaining to their prejudice, the pastor may as well get paid for it.

Who is trying to play with my mind with all this negative imaginary? They made fun of his middle name because it is Arabic and his last name African. Why did they do that?

I remember an Arab-America writing to the Star-Telegram, offended that certain white Americans has this phobia about olive skin people with Islamic names. On the other hand, it further confounds me that John McCain can kiss a Saudi Arabian, as if with the kiss of Judas, pretending his America loves olive skin people.

Do the Saudis know that there is a witch hunt on in America?

Just this morning a young immigrant from Saudi Arabia related an experience of being stopped by a cop for a traffic violation. He said the cop was so nice, and was about to forego giving him a ticket, until he noticed his Arab name. At the time, the cop pulled his gun, forced the young man out of the car, and made him lie on the ground.

“Swear to God,” he declared.

“Now you see what black men in America have been going through for centuries,” I replied.

It is not just a phobic witch hunt for Arabs. What about Latinos? They want to round up all Latinos without papers like a Texas cattle drive and drive them out of the country. If they are brown and have a Spanish surname, they better have some papers, even if they are Tijuana and lived here before Texas was a Republic. That would be like declaring the American Indian an illegal “aliens”. Olive is olive, black is black, red is red, and brown is brown. But being a brown America isn’t worth the price of a birth certificate.

Now that America hates the olive skinned person, the red skinned person, the brown skinned person, that black skinned person running for President of the United States is perceived as just another minority to hate.