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Marion Brothers

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Behind Obama’s Rock Star Status?

The ideations of John McCain

by Eddie Griffin (BASG), AfroSpear

What is this business about Sen. Barack Obama having “rock star” status? When Sen. John McCain makes this reference, it has to be a mental association based up a supremacist psychosis.

First, popularity in attracting large crowds signifies “rock star” status. What is this disdain McCain has for popular celebrities? Is “rock star” status a bad thing? Or, is there an assumption that rock stars cannot be good leaders.

Second, if the man on stage is a black man, he must be a “rock star” to draw such a crowd. After all, black men especially have had a long history in entertainment and sports, for the pleasure of the elite box seat crowd. From Mr. Bojangles tap dancing for coins tossed at his feet to hip-hop Kanye West, Barack Obama must be some new form of cheap political entertainment, like other black men on stage.

The “rock star status” label is supposed to cheapen the candidate in the eyes of the public. After all, you cannot take a rock star seriously.

What is wrong with John McCain’s eyesight? What does a true world leader look like?

(Duh! I don’t know… never been there… never done that… looks like rock star status to me.)

When was the last time the world cheered an American politician, let alone when was the last time they flocked to see an American leader, with great such great masses, with enthusiasm, passion, and adoration?

(Well Duh! I can’t turn out crowds like that. I still can’t figure out why half the world hates us and our friends forsake us… I’m going to make the world respect me… I’m going to make the world come back over to my side… I’m going to make the world align with my missions and goals… I’m going to make you love me more than you love Barack Obama... This is John McCain and I approve this jealous message.)


Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
May 25, 1878 – November 25, 1949

At the age of six, he began dancing for a living appearing as a "hoofer" or song-and-dance man in local beer gardens. At seven, Bill dropped out of school to pursue dancing. He invented a type of dancing called stair dancing in 1884. He gained great success as a nightclub and musical comedy performer, and during the next 25 years became one of the toasts of Broadway. Not until he was 50 did he dance for white audiences, having devoted his early career exclusively to appearances on the black theater circuit.

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  1. Mr. Griffin, I want to thank you for attending our Watch Party in East Fort Worth. It was a honor meeting you. The others were very impressed also. Tonight our next president made history and we all was a part of this August 28, 2008 will go down in history.