Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chinese People: 1 - Chinese Government: 0

China’s opening ceremonies to the 2008 Olympics was simply awesome. I was captivated by the People Republic’s mind-boggling display of technology, engineering, and architectural wonders... well-performed, well-choreographed masteries in artistic splendor... eloquence, grace, pride, and sportsmanship. The people of China were so marvelously grand that it leaves the rest of us in the Stone Ages.

I came close to boycotting these Olympics altogether, and actually would have had it not been for the “Lost Boy of Sudan” carrying the American flag into the arena. At first, I just wanted to see him, nothing else. I just wanted to hear the sports commentators mention Darfur and the atrocities being carried out there. In an odd contradictory way, I was proud of the American athletes. It was they who voted to let Lopez Lomong lead his Olympic teammates into the arena. And, in a quiet and subtle way, TEAM DARFUR had made a significant statement on human rights.

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