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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Worse Nightmare: Gremlins & Dream Killers

HAT TIP to Bud Kennedy, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

From: Eddie Griffin

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bud Kennedy reports:

The other half of the presidential campaign arrived loudly at the Democratic convention Tuesday, bringing a flashy slogan and a team of protesters to make noise for Republican John McCain. (Kennedy: Republicans arrive in Denver ready to pounce, Star-Telegram, Wednesday, August 27, 2008)

These are the Republican operatives, political hit men, disrupters sent to the Democratic National Convention in Denver on a not-to-secret clandestine mission to sabotage the celebration. This is our worst nightmare.. dream killers... gremlins.

They got their marching orders from John McCain to execute the “Not Ready ‘08” strategy to embarrass the Obama campaign, according to the report.

I cannot help but think of the many African-American male leaders who have been clowned by these same types of antics from “dream killers”. First, they say a black man is not qualified. Then, they say he is not ready.

(How many times have I heard that in my 62 years?)

Among the dream killers come character assassins Mitt Romney. “Rudy Giuliani is coming,” reports Kennedy.

Electing Obama would “make America a weaker nation,” Romney told a news conference.

YEAH. Riiiiight!

“Martin Luther King, Jr. is the most dangerous man in America,” said FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. He is a communist, they claimed.

Now the character assassins want to say, “Oops, we were mistaken about his patriotism and fortitude.”

(Isn’t it a little late? And, what good is a 100-year overdue apology about evil of slavery?)

... Four Republicans on a “ready response team” sat in a dark room, watching four TV news networks at once and scouring blogs to turn any Democratic blunder in favor of McCain.

“If we catch a Democrat saying something inaccurate or embarrassing, we’re on top of it,” said Tom Kise, the Colorado-based regional spokesman for the McCain campaign.


In the heydays of J. Edgar Hoover, they did more than wait and watch for embarrassment to befall Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They actually instigated it. And, I expect the same of McCain’s “Ready Response Team”. They have already arrived in Denver with their maps, signs, chants, and itinerary.

Later, at the Not Ready ’08 headquarters, the McCain campaign spokesman showed a Texas guest the volunteer center, including the white boards listing which Democratic events to crash and the markers and posterboard to make signs, observed Bud Kennedy.

Republican volunteers in McCain shirts interrupted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at an energy policy press conference.

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