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Marion Brothers

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Debate is Over

The debate is over. When Barack Obama says that he will not let lobbyists run his administration, he distanced himself from the K-Street bribers and corrupters- more than any other candidate in the race- something akin to political suicide without a strong grassroots campaign.

But Barack Obama is a nice guy and will say nothing bad or negative about anybody... not so, with Eddie Griffin. I hate political corruption more than anything. The scandal of Jack Abramoff made me sick to my stomach. It was not because of political party that I condemned representatives Bob Ney and Duke Cummingham. Because I also lambasted William Jefferson, a black Democrat in the House, I gained the dubious reputation as an “equal opportunity hater”.

As a journalist, I was warned not to condemn Tom DeLay until he is convicted of something. And, I guess the same holds true for Representative Rick Renzi. But I don’t have to nitpick about the details because it is obvious that there is widespread political corruption in Washington, D.C.

Barack Obama probably understands this more than anyone else. And, I believe, this is why he has stepped out of the box and refused PAC money to finance his campaign.

It is a sad commentary on national politics, when some voters forget the near past and try to vote the same corporate candidates back into office with their K-Street connections.

The debate at the top of the ticket is over with. The choice is clear: Obama, Clinton, or McCain.


  1. confused you listed all three

  2. RuthDFW, If you re-read the article, you will find only one sensible choice.