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Monday, February 25, 2008


Eddie Griffin Endorses Mike Huckabee

Monday, February 25, 2008

Barack Obama is my first choice on the Democratic side of the ballot. Now I endorse Mike Huckabee for the Republican side. A thorough examination of the characters of both Obama and Huckabee show two men untarnished by political corruption, two honest men from different parties. This cannot be said of their opponents, Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Allen Saxe wants John McCain to be the next president. That’s why he voted for Hillary Clinton on Wednesday.” So writes Aman Batheja of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in her opening lines to “Some are Republicans try to help party by faking left, going right” (Sunday, 02/24/08). “She’ll be easier to defeat,” said Dr. Saxe.

How ingenious!

Before Republicans, jump parties and flock over to Hillary Clinton’s side, this may leave the door open for a Huckabee miraculous comeback insurgency.

Therefore, Eddie Griffin, having endorse Barack Obama for the Democratic Party presidency, hereby endorse Mike Huckabee for the Republican Party.


Barack Obama declared, “Lobbyists will not run my administration.” he declared.

What are you saying Barack- that there are lobbyists already running presidential and presidential-hopeful administrations?

There is no doubt how far up the administrative ladder lobbyists Jack Abramoff reached. Just look at all the administrative underlings and congressmen that fell with him- Bob Ney and Tom DeLay. Ney is on his way to prison, while DeLay awaits prosecution. (Now we know why his last name is DeLay, K-Street corruption scandal).

Obama said, “If there is going to be real change in this country, then we’ve got to clean up Washington, first.” He could have easily said, “Clean up the culture of corruption.”

A lobbyist for John McCain hangs on him like a mistress, though not romantically. The adultery is political. Will John McCain get in the bed with lobbyists again once he is in the Whitehouse?

Shew fly! Don’t bother me, says McCain.

But America is deeply bothered by lobbyists like Jack Abramoff running the country.

Moreover, I am bothered because the interest of the rich is voted in, by bribery and graft, while the interest of the poor is summarily voted out. No matter how much the poor plead for justice and equality, their arguments fall on the deaf ears of those representatives who votes have already been bought.

Tell me that former representative Duke Cunningham did not plunder the government like so many others and rob the confidence of his constituencies in accepting bribes and graft.

If that is not enough, now we got representative Rick Renzi has been indicted. Isn’t he one of John McCain’s national campaign managers?

Money will buy almost anybody. Look at another representative, William Jefferson, stuffing $100,000 into a freezer. That kind of money belongs in the bank, not in a freezer. The problem here is trying to explain and lie about where the money came from. It was a bribe sting, entrapment like a rat-on-cheese, caught on tape.

This is the problem today in Washington, D.C., that K-Street has usurped the power of the American people through briberies and grafts. This is not unusual in the history of any society, and all societies before us.

Is there an honest man among?

We would hope so. But look at the nine honest federal prosecutors who were fired because they pursued investigations into political corruption.

Washington, D.C. is out of hand and out of control. This is why the majority of the people in the United States and around the world want to put Barack Obama into the Whitehouse. He is a man that comes without baggage, and not a scent of corruption, though faultfinders search high and low.

Everyone is entitled to vote his or her conscious. If my dear professor, Dr. Allen Saxe votes his conscious, then he is also without excuse of being ignorant of the facts.

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