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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Would They Try to Steal the Election?

Don't even think it. This is the kind of stuff that happens in Russia, not the good old United States. I mean, after all, we are Americans.

Television host Bill Maher raised the possibility of election rip-off with a panel that included Mark Cuban, Catherine Crier and Tony Snow. Obviously, something suspicious happened in the recent New Hampshire primaries that caused Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich to demand a recount.

According to an Associated Press report, Kucinich challenged the New Hampshire election results, stating, "Election integrity is one of those issues that is so important."

According to analysis circulating in the blogosphere, precincts with electronic balloting gave a slight edge to Clinton, while precincts with hand-counted paper ballots went slightly for Obama.

"I am not drawing any conclusions," Kucinich said. "I just want to make sure of all figures... We need to be sure those results are real. We're not going to have another Florida like we had in 2000 or an Ohio like we had in 2004."

But how can they steal an election in broad daylight?

According to a story by Tina Lam of the Detroit Free Press:

Albert Howard, would-be presidential contender from Ann Arbor, said today he has discussed a recount of the Republican vote in Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire with the secretary of state’s office, and plans to fly to New Hampshire by the end of the day Friday to pay the required fee and start the recount.

Howard, one of 42 so-called minor candidates in the primary, received 44 votes in the primary, according to the official tally. But at one point during the night’s vote counting, Howard said his tally was over 170 votes, making him wonder what happened.

But how can that happen?

Two hand count towns reported "zero" votes for candidate Ron Paul to the media, even though they did have votes for him. The town of Sutton reported zero, but had 31 votes; the town of Greenville reported zero, but had 25 votes. The two towns had misreported results affecting exactly the same candidate in exactly the same way, according to Black Box Voting.

Notice the symmetrical mirrored results:

Clinton Optical scan 91,717 52.95%
Obama Optical scan 81,495 47.05%

Clinton Hand-counted 20,889 47.05%
Obama Hand-counted 23,509 52.95%

Sure, New Hampshire is a small state. But if this proves to be a petty robbery, what about Fort Knox? What's at stake here is not just the United States, but the election of the next world global leader. And, what would man do for world power?


  1. As Keith Sweat said, somethin' somethin' just ain't right.

  2. of course stealin isn't somethin above dems or still trying to grasp the need for electoral votes over popular votes anyway.

    loved the post, sir.