Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Un-Grooming an American President WannaBe

America is crying for change. The Democrats are crying for change. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich- all talking about change. The Republicans are crying for change- Mitt Romney, Michael Huckabee, Ron Paul, even Rudy Giuliani (poor soul).

But when it comes to John McCain: It’s no change, stay the course, keep spending on the Iraq war, no tax cut- instead cut spending at home. Sounds insane?

Read John McCain’s website:

A greater military commitment now is necessary if we are to achieve long-term success in Iraq. More troops are necessary to clear and hold insurgent strongholds… John McCain believes Syria and Iran have aided and abetted the violence in Iraq…

Am I reading this correctly? Greater military commitment… More troops are necessary… Syria and Iran… Where in the world are we going, Mr. Wannabe Next President?

After being duped by “Weapon of Mass Destruction” and spending a trillion dollars, you tell me that we need “greater military commitment and more troops”. And, why are you stirring up sentiments against Syria and Iran? Why are we not talking peace proposals with these people? It’s this what the Commission recommended- talking to Iran and Syria?

A great US President, by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower, warned us about the Military-Industrial Complex, before the so-called Cold War. Nevertheless, we went ahead to build massive number of rockets and bombs and tanks and guns, and every implement of war known to man at the time, based on a factious Red Scare that never panned out.

The only profits in war go to the war-makers and manufacturers of war goods. Are we so beholden to the Defense industry and multi-nationals that we would mortgage our future and sabotage our national economy? Do you think we can put all our eggs into the Middle East, building and then blowing up and re-building, on and on, to no end? What about my 401 that just tanked with the Wall Street free-fall?

At the rate we are going, our kids are going to do five, six, seven… twenty tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan, and (leave it to you) maybe Syria and Iran. Are we ever going to end this jihad? Why don’t we just start making cars to run on water and forget about the oil?

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  1. There was a report given on 01/21/08 that stated that the National Guard could not effectively defend America if it was attacked. Nor is the units which are being called upon to serve truly combat ready. Yet he wants to increase our military involvement for the sake of bragging rights?

    This current war is the result of a liar being given the power to excute his personal agenda. Instead of admitting that the we were duped~he would rather step it up to save face.