Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Monday, January 28, 2008

Someone to Talk to

I was invited to the Democratic Campaign Rally at TCU on Saturday as part of the media to check out the candidates running for office, from Precinct Commissioner to the U.S. Senate. It was an impressive slate of speakers parading before the podium with their platforms, moderated by Marc Veasey, Representative, TX House District 95.

I could have expected sparks to fly when I walked into the room full of uncommitted Democratic politicians, wearing an “Obama for President” button. Even earlier that morning, when I attended a Hispanic Unity breakfast wearing my Obama button, I expected sparks to fly. All day, I had been looking for a good fight- someone to engaged in a challenging tête-à-tête- someone who could roll with a good political punch. After all, anyone who represented this turf would have to be tried by fire as a proven leader.

Fresh out of a court battle to get on the ballot, State Senate candidate Wendy Davis epitomes the kind of fighter I came to see. She is taking on incumbent Republican Kim Brimer for District 10.

What makes this fight so interesting is the sneaky, underhanded tactics used by her opponent to keep her off the ballot. Because Davis was obligated to hold her city council seat until her resignation took effect, her opposition tried to pull a “petty” technical controversy, claiming it was impossible for her to relinquish her seat and file her candidacy in time for the state senate race. The date of term expiration would overlap the filing deadline, they contended. But the courts ruled otherwise.

What amazes me was the case against Ms. Davis was brought in the good name of the Fort Worth Fire Fighters Association, not Kim Brimer himself, though the whole case had the smell of brimstone and the good ole boys.

In her victorious speech before rally attendees, she declared that this southern, backwoods legislative caucus, who call themselves the “21 Club” would have to get on along as the “20 Club” after she has eliminated the King of Country Bumpkins in the state senate.

This race is interesting because Bubba and the boys vowed never to let their districts fall to a woman or a black. And, as long as they sat in the legislature, District 10, which is my home turf, have suffered severe neglect and political attention.

We need a champion. We need a voice. And, Wendy Davis boldly stepped up to the challenge.

I was also impressed with Democratic candidate Rick Noriega, who is going after the seat of Republican incumbent John Cornyn, who is one of King George II right hand men in the U. S. Senate, nicknamed “Corn Dog”.

There are three things that impress me about Lt. Col. Noriega. First, he is an active Army reserve veteran, who put it all on the line in the Middle East combat zone. Second, he is tired of the hocus pocus used by George Bush and John Cornyn to perpetuate the war. Third, he is a humble man who wants to bring his brothers and sisters home from Iraq. Here, again, he is putting it all on the line- his distinguished military career- in order to bring about change.

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