Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Independent Political Troubleshooter

Before I get too far down the campaign trail, let me explain my political unorthodoxy. I am a politically independent troubleshooter. I think in and outside the box- or better yet, my thoughts fill the box and spill over to the outside. My constituency is “the poorest of the poor”, primarily the children who are at-risk due to the conditions of poverty.

With that understanding, I come into this 2008 political season looking for a friend, someone who will help my constituency. Therefore, I enter this campaign in order to try and win concessions from the most promising candidates- not only at the national level, but on down the line to the local.

Moreover, I look for trouble coming from the rich and powerful. This is why I am also a troubleshooter. I must keep my eye on the prize and keep the game of politics fair and clean. I know my opposition, and sometime they can play pretty dirty.

From this premise, it should be easy to surmise my domestic agenda. In terms of foreign policy, I am totally against the aspirations of world domination. Of course, I believe, as an American, we should strive for a global competitive advantage. But this means being more educated and productively smarter. Otherwise, I oppose militarism as a means of gaining world power.

I am not anti-war as some would think me to be. There is a time for war and a time for peace. Peace is my preferable state of existence, but I cannot stop my children from going off to war, if they so choose.

Recently, I spoke to one of my children about joining the military and serving in the Middle East war zone. I never questioned his patriotism. After all, he was a young black man, unemployed and potentially headed for trouble, and this was his way out. So I questioned myself if I would deny him this opportunity by imposing my values and views upon him.

At age 61, my wars are over. My primary objective now is to save the living. Getting involved in the 2008 political campaigns, for me, is like dawning the old Union soldier uniform and grabbing my old musket. Not that I am a fool to go out on the front lines and go toe to toe against the Confederate enemy of a bygone era. But I can sit on the porch in my rocking chair and take potshots at those who are killing my constituency. The conventional rules of war do not apply to me.


  1. As I used to spend quite a bit of time talking to young people about career opportunities, I found myself hard pressed to recommend the military.

    My preference towards careers in IT notwithstanding, I found it hard to recommend for various reasons...the idea of world domination you mentioned, death, etc. But on the other hand, I've also known many who've used to military to obtain an education and then there are those for which their other options are limited.

    I can't say I'm ready to fully endorse the military as a career choice, but recognize that I too, need to at least give it more intelligent thought.

  2. I oppose world domination through militarism. But how do you explain that to kids?