Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Friday, October 17, 2008

Republicans Scapegoat ACORN: An Attack on All Community Organizers

Dear Family and Friends:

Only a few weeks ago, we were calling upon everyone to register to vote. We held massive voter registration drives around the country. And, nobody answered that call like ACORN, who registered 1.3 million people.

Now they are being made into a scapegoat, isolated from the greater public by false allegations of voter registration fraud. Republican leaders have called upon the Justice Department to conduct criminal investigations against them.

Since we are the ones who rallied the nation in this massive voter registration drive, we are obligated to defend the most successful grassroots organization to answer our call. Suppose it were your voter registration drive organization? In fact, it could have been any of us who call ourselves "community organizers". And, false allegations need not be true as to be disruptive and demoralizing. Therefore, Community Organizers must defend ACORN now, not after the allegations prove false and frivolous.


The John McCain campaign is using the same tactic against Barack Obama that the Hillary Clinton campaign employed: To use Barack’s strengths against him. Since the base of his strength is grassroots based, the Republicans have targeted ACORN, because of its voter registration success in heavily poor Democratic districts.

They scream loud about “voter registration fraud” and bring us forged documents to prove it. If the Republicans are doing this, they would perceive it to be a “little dirty trick”. But they put the criminal suspicion on an innocent grassroots organization, hoping to implicate Barack Obama into a grassroots voter fraud scheme.

Under this is the deceptive scenario, I have challenged Senator John Cornyn of Texas, one of the leading Republican voices in this witch hunt. His call for an FBI investigation into ACORN is part of the above conspiracy that will eventually unravel in time, I’m sure.

But I refuse to let this lie like until November 4. Please help me defeat John Cornyn. He is running for re-election for the Texas Senate seat in the U.S. Congress, which should be reserved for “honorable men” like Rick Noriega.

Eddie Griffin (BASG)

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