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Marion Brothers

Friday, October 3, 2008

Columnist Jack Z on Rep. Kay Granger

To: Jack Z. Smith, editorialist Star-Telegram

RE: This bailout bill gets fatter and fatter, and poor Kay cannot resist more pork

Dear Jack Z. Smith,

Please send me a copy of your article, “Granger Speaks Candidly on the President and the Economy” (Star-Telegram, October 3, 2008), since it does not appear online (for obvious reasons, of course).

Jack, I share your sentiments when you wrote: Granger, 65, was a good mayor of Fort Worth, (a capacity which you and I observed). She is likable, hard-working and generally intelligent.

But I’ve been disappointed in her overly conservative voting record in Congress and fealty to Bush, who will leave with a legacy of big budget deficits, a foolish and costly war in Iraq, wrongheaded tax policy, reckless spending and skewed spending priorities.

Eddie Griffin Commentary

In hindsight, Kay Granger criticized the administration’s lack of an effective plan for occupying Iraq… expressed doubts about her early support for the invasion and acknowledged that America was guilty of “taking our eye off Afghanistan” as a result of invading Iraq.

But what confounds me is this: Granger called Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s introduction of a financial bailout proposal “the worst rollout of a plan that I have ever seen…”

And what does Ms. Kay do? She voted YES, a cardinal sin against her own conscious. If she thought the Paulson Bailout as “the worst rollout of a plan”, she should have voted NO.


This is as classic case of lunacy. Call it the MOONSTRUCK Effect. Now will she confess how wrong she has been in the past on these issues her family, friends, and supporters?

To say, “I hope that I am wrong,” when preparing to cast a vote on one of the most important bills in history, Kay Granger must be moonstruck to lunacy.

Like a woman who cannot loose weight, Kay Granger ate the kahuna of the Paulson Bailout Plan like a pig… lock, stock, and barrel, even at the warning of her colleague Michael Burgess. Even worse, this bailout bill gets fatter and fatter, and poor Kay cannot resist more pork, already $700 million dollars FAT.

Kay Granger cannot lead with 20/20 Hindsight.

Eddie Griffin

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