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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

RE: Why I Fear Sarah Palin: Pit Bull Attack Dog

Dear Sarah Palin,

The Revolution of the 1960s is over and we are supposed to be a reconciled nation. But Sarah Palin, you have dug up old bones and revived hurt feelings.

Who is a “domestic terrorist”? Is Palin suggesting putting Bill Ayers back onto the government’s Enemy List, because he was a former member of the Weather Underground?

OMG! If Sarah Palin were in office, how many of us would go on the “domestic terrorist” list? It frightening to think: if she considers the 1960s Weather Underground a “domestic terrorist” group, what would she think of Eddie Griffin, former Black Panther?

Then it dawned on me who Palin and McCain call “terrorists”. That’s what they called us Panthers. Hate groups, they said. In reality, the Black Panthers were the most positive and protective force in the black community, combating a regime of racism.

Remember “Racism”? That’s the rose-colored prism through which Sarah Palin sees terrorism.

Who is a terrorist?

Is Mohamed el Gharani a terrorist, arrested in Karachi in October 2001, at age 14, and now confined in Guantanamo?

Is Omar Khadr a terrorists, arrested in 2002, at age 15, accused of killing a US soldier with a grenade in July 2002?

You can call them “terrorists” if you wish. But they are no more than Children? Now you want to try them like dogs and confine them for life.

The International Red Cross reports another 37 inmates were under the age of 18 when they were seized. One detainee, an al-Jazeera journalist called Sami el Hajj, has identified 36 juveniles in Guantanamo. The Independent World reports as many as 60 juveniles are incarcerated there.

If the young children can be branded as “terrorist”, and the innocent can be criminalized, what would stop a Palin administration from putting former Black Panthers on the “domestic terrorist” list? How much more arbitrary can power get?

Sincerely, Eddie Griffin,
Former Black Panther and international Political Prisoner of Conscious (1977)


  1. "OMG! If Sarah Palin were in office, how many of us would go on the “domestic terrorist” list?"

    I couldn't agree with your more... you really made a captivating introduction here if it were for a newspaper.

  2. You nailed this one Eddie!

    I find myself questioning who would be on that list. Probably more black folks than less. Especially since many of us have actively worked on causes tat were and would be deemed anti-the government.

  3. We need to ask directly: Will people like former Weather Underground members be put on the "domestic terrorist" list? Do she consider former Black Panthers as "domestic terrorists"? Shall we fear for our freedom?