Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Prayer for a Nation

By Eddie Griffin

Monday, November 03, 2008

Someone sent me a special prayer request for this day. It is not an unusual request of those who pray without ceasing.

Every Tuesday morning, brothers of the church, come together to pray for the many people who ask for prayers. We call it out “Prayer Breakfast”.

We daily look over a long list of prayer request from members of the body, from family and friends. I am there to look over the state of condition of the church and the condition of the world. Besides praying for the sick, we pray for our World Leaders and Our Troops in harms way, for victims of natural disasters, and for the bereaved.

But prayer request doesn’t just begin and end on Tuesday morning. It is a list we look over and pray over every day.

In order to pray in faith for World Leaders, a man cannot pray a curse upon them, nor to their destruction. We come to seek and to save the Lost in the World.

But I will consider this special day before a national election to pray for a nation divided against itself and praying that we, as a people, will be able to stand.

In Jesus name,

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