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Marion Brothers

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales indicted in Willacy County, Texas

By Eddie Griffin

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Since the story broke about the indictment of Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the former prosecutor Juan Angel Guerra, who first brought the indictment, was a no-show on court day, provoking Judge Manuel Banales to declare, “The state of Texas is not present, which is a rarity... I will not have a hearing when one of the parties is not present.”

If this is not flabbergasting enough, Judge Banales adds this little bit of Texas intrigue. He ordered “Texas Rangers to go to his house, check on his well-being and order him to court on Friday.”

OMG! Angel Guerra could be missing or dead. You just don’t indict the Vice President of the United States on charges of “engaging in an organized criminal activity”. (Agnew) How disloyal! Unless, of course, the charges are true, then Guerro would be a hero. But, for now, it looks like he is in hiding.

What a helluva allegation in the indictment!

Can you believe that Dick Cheney would own stock in a company that builds and manages federal prisons? What is the Vanguard Group? What kind of business is it in? And, does the Vice President own shares in it?

Those are the questions, not whether Juan Guerra has lost his mind or is seeking revenge for losing his office. We need to know exactly what the Vanguard Group does in order to make its profits, and how those profits are distributed. Is Dick Cheney receiving any dividends from the company?

In order for there to be a criminal indictment, there must first be criminal activity. Vanguard must have been charged with prisoner brutality, and it is also reported that Attorney General Alberto Gonazales tried to use his authority of his office to block an investigation into an inmate’s death that would a resulted in a major lawsuit against Vanguard. (The suit went forward anyway and resulted in a large settlement for the decease family).

These are reports from various news sources. But hard to find is this Vanguard Group. If you find any information about it, please send it to me at

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  1. "But hard to find is this Vanguard Group."

    Are you serious? It's a mutual fund company. Look it up.