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Friday, October 31, 2008

Where is John Cornyn’s Allegations against ACORN Now?

A Question for Senator John Cornyn from Eddie Griffin

Dear Mr. Cornyn:

I almost cried when you called out the FBI to investigate ACORN. All I could see was blood hounds and water hoses, and ghettos under Nazi suppression.

There were sweeping allegations of “widespread” voter registration fraud. The organization was invaded by federal agents, searching for something non-existent... an unlawful attempt to cast a fraudulent vote.

The insinuation brings to mind something Texans have always been known for, in the past... stuffing the ballot box. But the "ignorant masses" have never stuffed the ballot box. It's always been an uphill struggle just to get them to overcome their apathy and go to the polls.

This “criminal enterprise” allegation against the community-based organization that registers poor people is as ludicrous, as it is malicious. Obliviously, Mr. Senator, you are ignorant of your ignorant constituency.

Now, for sure, we see that your allegations are untrue, Mr. Cornyn.
We always suspected that because of ACORN’s successful voter registration drive in this 2008 election, you targeted them, for the purpose of shutting them down, besmirching their good name, and impeding their works, in order to help your party win.


With almost 40% of the electorates in the state of Texas already gone to the polls in early voting (in this most watched election), we should surely be able to see, with our own eyes, whether or not there is a “massive voting fraud” being perpetrated, as you so claim.

A strange unexpected thing: Certain media outlets have started pouring over these claims, looking into the records to find some evidence of voter fraud, even going so far as looking for dead people who might have cast an illegal vote. A local television station went so far as to investigated such a claim, and found only a clerical error by the poll worker.

All the Mickey Mouse sign-ups were flagged before hand and culled out by ACORN itself, and left to be proven or unproven by the state. And, all the election registers around the country commend ACORN on its work and vigilance. Remember, ACORN was even well received and commended by John McCain in 2006, long before this year’s campaign.

Your allegations, Mr. Senator, are not panning out. With 2.7 million voters already gone to the polls in Texas to vote, WHERE ARE THE FRAUDULENT VOTERS?

You are obligated to answer, not for my sake, but for our sake of integrity in the election process. Like the Bible says: THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOR.

Mr. Cornyn, you have no proof of “widespread voter fraud”, nor is there any to be found. This is the second election where ACORN has been made a GOP scapegoat. Even worse, your public call for an FBI investigation on trumped up, fabricated, unfounded allegation amounted to setting off was a false alarm for political gain, and to further damage, discredit, and destroy the good name of a reputable community organization and suppress their good work

Surely, if you still believe now as you profess then, that this organization is a “criminal enterprise”, then come forth with your proof and FBI findings. You made the allegation in the height of the campaign, please don't wait until after the election to present your proof.

This is one election we cannot afford to let hang like a hanging chad. And let me remind you, also: IT’S TOO LATE INTO THE ELECTION FOR AN APOLOGY. Using your office to bring false charges against the innocent should be a criminal offense. Wouldn’t you agree?

Eddie Griffin (BASG)


P.S. to: Mr. Rick Noriega: Your ad says, “I got your back.” Do you have ACORN’s back?

State Senate candidate Wendy Davis does? State Representative candidate Chris Turner cowered out?

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