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Friday, November 9, 2007

Michael Baisden Apologizes to Color of Change

I will believe it when I hear it on the radio. But this is what we recently picked up off Mr. Baisden's blog site.

Response to Color of Change

The Michael Baisden show and staff were given inaccurate information regarding donations made by the public and David Bowie. We apologize to our listeners and to ColorofChange for not seeking more reliable sources. According to documentation provided by the organization through their web site, all the funds collected by ColorofChange have been distributed to the families as promised.

We do, however, respect the right of four of the Jena 6 families who have insisted that ColorofChange discontinue collection of any monies on their behalf. But this should not reflect on the integrity of this organization which has collected and distributed over $200,000 to their legal defense.

Any insinuations that were made about me wanting to be the sole fundraiser for legal defense is ridiculous. I am too tired after my radio gig to take on that responsibility, and furthermore, it is impossible. No one man or organization can fund the movement of an entire nation.

I am relieved to have put this behind us so that both our organizations can get back to the business of helping people. There is nothing wrong with having disagreements, as long as you love the people enough to work it out, sooner rather than later.

Thanks again for your support of the many organizations that are doing an outstanding job of raising money to help those who desperately need it. We’ve got a long way to go family and we won’t get there unless we work together. Divided we fall!

Michael Baisden

THE BEST LETTER written to Mr. Baisden that expressed how we all felt.

Dear Michael Baisden,

It saddens me to hear the bashing going on about the ColorofChange organization. While I realize we are all entitled to our opinion, please stop! I was one of the people from Dallas, Texas to support and attend the protest in Jena LA. on 9/20/07, only after hearing about the story from you, and I decided I wanted to be involved. In fact my picture was on ABC's news web site the very next day, as well as in the Dallas Morning News the following day.

Over the last week I have listened to you, and it truly hurts me personally that we as black people are attacking each other. I am a professional (Black Registered Nurse), and in my entire career of 27 years in the critical care areas, I have never been judgmental of anyone.

What is going on right now is what the other side wants to see...which is fighting among each other. Instead of bashing the ColorofChange why not be grateful that they were able to send approximately 30 K for each of the Jena 6 boys. I truly thought you were a hero, but now I'm having second thoughts. We as black people are putting out malicious and resentful statements that in turn hurts us all.

Michael, I humbly ask you to please for the sake of the new movement to avoid criticisms of others WHO are not trying to help speak for equal justice.

Dallas had the largest delegation of supporters with 22 buses, and the bashing is making people feel like I feel. Let's just do whatever we can to help raise awareness of the injustices being done here in America. But in order for us to do this we must stick together. We must not bash anyone that is being supportive for the cause.

Please-- for the sake of the children! Please stop bashing.


Calvin Brown, RN
Dallas, Texas


  1. Having been a longtime member of colorofchange, I was shocked to hear that the org was being criticized for mishandling funds. I listened to the two radio shows posted on change's website--in the first, jones & baisden clearly slander rucker and his org; in the second, you can hear baisden & jones beginning to back off. When a family member goes off on his own to complain about the money, it's usually because he's not getting to handle it himself. I think rucker should sue.

  2. It was extremely irresponsible of Mr. Baisden not to have done the necessary research and homework before going on the radio in front of millions of listeners to slander this organization, Color of Change. There will be those who will always remember the controversy when this Organization's name comes up... and will have doubts. It is truly a shame that this organization's reputation has been so maligned by untruths and "heresay". Mr. Baisden should with equal fervor and passion ensure that his apologies and what he now knows as the truth be known to all.... You screwed up, you should make it right...

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