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Marion Brothers

Friday, November 16, 2007

March Against Hate Crimes Draws Thousands on Washington, DC

CNN reports “Marchers surround Justice Department building” that thousands of demonstrators encircled Justice Department headquarters in the nation's capital on Friday to demand the government crack down harder on hate crimes.

The demonstration was being led by Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III and members of Sharpton's National Action Network.

“We have so many people we surrounded the Justice Department and two blocks more… This is a real outcry, a real outrage from people around this country,” said Sharpton. “We're here to say the federal government has a responsibility. Since the Justice Department would not come to the people, today we're bringing the people to the Justice Department.”

The Associate Press reports: Organizers said more than 100 busloads of people came for the march, from as far away as Florida, Michigan, and Washington state. The city police department said it does not estimate the size of crowds at marches as a matter of policy.

Mukasey issued a statement saying his agency takes allegations of hate crimes seriously and is working with state and local police, as well as civil rights groups, to "investigate aggressively dozens of noose-hangings and other recent racially and religiously motivated" crimes nationwide… "We hope that all can agree that it is the criminals who commit violent acts of hate who deserve the loudest protest," Mukasey said...

NOW THAT there is a newly installed US Attorney General, we need to let him know our concerns, immediately and often.


  1. White people who are racist think that administering justice on us, is done with a noose. It is ironic that Reverend Sharpton and our people have to surround the “Justice Department to demand justice for our people, which we consider just their acknowledgment of rape and torture of our women, the noose hangings, the police shootings/brutality, as hate crimes. All we want is acknowledgment. White racists want us to be hanged just over the thought of us committing any crime against their people. What if we were to ask them, what is the justice for four hundred fifty years of slavery, oppression and death?

  2. stand up for our children. as an african american you owe our anestors to give back what you have recieved because of their scarifice and blood shed. do the right thing. stand up for us and our future. stand up for what we owe our children and the future of america.

  3. Stand up because the institutions of white supremacy are slowly dismantling, and naive whites who pracitice racism are being manipulated by media, and are aggressively reaching out to hold onto a few scraps of the former. Stand up because when God's wrath comes about to dismantle their system of tyranny, if we aren't standing, we will fall with the masses!