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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Do Unto Others: A Blog for Justice & Compassion

Megan Williams was raped and tortured in Big Creek, West Virginia by six assailants. Another case in West Palm Beach, Florida, a mother was raped and tortured by ten teenagers, along with her son. Both crimes were as horrendous as can be imagined.

What do these two cases have in common? Both women were black. Where do these cases differ? The perpetrators of the first crime were white, wherein the victimizers in the second were black.

There is only one psychological profile that fits both cases. The perpetrators are clearly psychologically deranged.

What would cause six white assailants to rape Megan and sodomize her with a stick, force her to eat dog and rat feces, drink water from a toilet, stab and beat her repeatedly, while continually berating her with racial slurs? That’s sick.

What would cause ten black youth to rape a mother, beat her 12-year old son, force her to perform oral sex on her child, and douse them with cleaning fluid? That’s perverse.

What makes people act like this?

There is only one answer. They are evil. Anytime human beings can treat another human being like this, they have no feelings or empathy with humanity.

Someone suggested that the perpetrators of these crimes were not human in the same sense that we are human. But then someone else declared that monsters are not born. They are created.

I believe the culture in which a person lives contributes to the molding of their psyche, and there is something in the minds of psychos that targets black women as their prey. Whether this is caused by the depreciating and devaluing the black woman’s humanity in our culture, it is one question of speculation. But the primary concern is how we mass produce these monsters and how do we stop them for growing up around us formulating these types of hideous crimes.


I believe that we should do everything within our power to stop predators- whether women rapists and torturers or child molesters. There is only so much we can do in trying to make the victim whole again. The scars, no doubt, will never disappear. But we will continue to breed psychopaths if we do not address the root of the problem.

We can stop the bleeding and protect the wound at the same time. We can assist the healing process of these two abused women. But we must also call upon local leaders to change the culture of youthful gang members and prosecute race-bait torture cases as hate crimes. And, the punishment of both offenders should suit the nature of the crime and age of the assailants. After all, it is the responsibility of our leaders to “put evil away from amongst us”.


The Florida woman and her son who were victimized by the ten African-American teens can be helped in the healing process by your assistance. Donations can be made to:

St. Ann Catholic Church
310 N. Olive Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
The church’s phone number is (561) 832-3757


Black Lawyers For Justice and the Support Committee For Megan Williams have called for a National March Against Hate Crimes on Saturday, November 3, in Charleston, West Virginia:

The march begins at noon on the steps of the state Capitol. Twenty-four people are scheduled to speak at the Capitol, including the family of Megan Williams, Sharpton, Shabazz and Charleston City Councilman John Miller.

At 3 p.m., marchers will head west down Washington Street to the federal building. A fundraiser to benefit the "Megan Williams Care Fund" is scheduled for 5 p.m. at First Baptist Church in Charleston.

A prayer vigil is planned for 7 p.m. Friday at the Logan County trailer where Williams was allegedly tortured.

Contact Information:
Black Lawyers For Justice (304.657-1493)
Email (


There is some controversy around the November 3 March for Megan, which is not unusual when national black leaders are involved. But Deidra at Black and Missing but not Forgotten, a blogsite dedicated to all the missing black women in America, reports that Megan and her mother will be participating in the march... enough said.


  1. "What would cause six white assailants to rape Megan and sodomize her with a stick, force her to eat dog and rat feces, drink water from a toilet, stab and beat her repeatedly, while continually berating her with racial slurs? That’s sick."

    How will you respond then if it turns out to have been consensual? The NAACP is already backing away from the hate crime aspect of this case. Did they for once do some actual research into the backstory?

    Continue believing that Williams was tortured against her will. Nothing wrong with that. However, keep the idea in the back of your mind that there may be more to this story than has been already reported.

    Don't repeat Duke.

    I am a middle-aged white racist, no doubt, and I am working on that, but when I see such blind allegiance to obviously half-told stories, I have to hesitate and ask myself, "What's really going on here?"

  2. It was consensual?
    During Karen Burton's preliminary hearing, Logan County Sheriff's Deputy Jeffrey Robinette read Bobby Brewster's statement in public for the first time. It said Messer, Karen Burton and Alisha Burton beat Williams and forced her to eat human feces from a toilet.

    Bobby Brewster's statement also said that Karen Burton cut and pulled out Megan's hair, choked her, cut her ankle and forced her to perform oral sex on Frankie Brewster. His statement noted repeated instances when the N-word was used during the alleged attack.

    I guess that confession could have been beaten out of him though.

    I always like when people can't admit what they are.

  3. dsf is a highly racist, white "liberal" who goes around black blogs justifying anything done to black people.

    Eddie, our posts on this subject both agree on the culture contributing to the depravity and our need to confront the culture. Until we do that, all the laws and police won't stop it. More law enforcement can deminish it some, and put them in jail afterwards; but it won't stop it from happening to people in the first place, and it won't stop us from losing our children into this type of depravity.

    My post is here

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  5. dsf, I appreciate your openness and honesty. But it is hard to conceive a mentally competent person consenting to torture as a person who would consent to being lynched. In any case, the record will show that Megan is "mentally challenged", the same as Mr. Byrd in Jasper, Texas. We used to call them "mentally retarded".

    A person "mentally challenged" cannot enter into consensual relationships or legal contracts where mental competency is required. For example, Megan cannot legally consent to being sterilized by a doctor. Mentally challenged people do not have this power to consent. It is a federally protected right against their being abused.

    Get the picture. How could Megan consent to being tortured to death? And, who would ever say that the assailants would have let her live had they not be caught? I guess if they caught the assailants tying a rope around Mr. Byrd in Jasper, they would have claimed that they no intention of dragging him to death behind the pickup truck. Getting caught before hand does not negate the "attempt" was to murder by torture.