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Marion Brothers

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Torture and the Rambo Effect

Want to know the truth about torture? You can't handle the truth.

When the government claims that it does not torture people, it’s merely a technicality. I am an expert of “sensory deprivation”, a technique developed by the Communist Chinese used to destroy men’s minds. I am also an expert on another techniques used during integration called “sleep deprivation”, being forced by captors to remain awake, all night, every night, until the awake state and the sleep state is indistinguishable.

Lastly, I was thrown into a refrigerated strip cell, wearing nothing but my BVDs, in the middle of winter, and only granted running water for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening, held incommunicado. The object was to freeze me to death slowly.

I remember the prison guard who slid the food tray to me through the steel-door slot. He could not look me in the eye, and when he did, he cried.

For days and weeks, I sat in one spot, on a bar steel bench for a bed, staring out into space, and constantly blinking to keep my tear ducts from freezing up.

I saw through the blue vale haze, a ship frozen at sea. The sea was crystal ice, and nothing could move, because nothing could break the ice.

I was a dead man with a body screaming from the spirit world in hell on earth. How can they do this to me, I wondered, flushed by self-pity? How could they kill me like this?

There are men being release from prison having survived long periods of time in isolation under the most horrid conditions. I am just one. My name is Eddie Griffin, author of “Breaking Men’s Minds”, now published and sold by the U.S. Department of Justice, National Criminal Justice Reference Service, (NCJ Number: NCJ 141852).

My writings helped the U.S. government perfect torture techniques that are now “re-classified” and non-torture. One such technique is “Sensory Deprivation”, cutting off as much sensory input to the human nervous system and insulation from the electro-magnetic field of the earth. The subject becomes “ionized”.

What does that mean?

They subject suffers electrical discharges in the brain, creating “white flashes”, and ultimately “white-outs”, a state of consciousness without awareness.

After a year of being locked into an isolated deprivation chamber with a steel door, I was released to re-join other prisoners in communal population. There was a major difference between other prisoners and myself. Whenever I touched metal or plastic, electrical sparks would leap out of my fingers, out of my body- so visible that other prisoners would joke that Eddie Griffin glowed in the dark.

I spent a lot of time in solitary confinement because I was a prison writer who got too much publicity. This was the reason I was placed on the list of “no human contact” status. “Breaking Men’s Minds” had gone international and the Soviets were using it as propaganda in the international human rights debate. Over night, I became an international figure, doing newspaper, radio, and television interviews from inside prison on a daily basis. Angela Davis' organization, National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression, had christened me as the voice of the prisoner human rights campaign.

The government and the prison administration attempted to silence me by segregation and total isolation.

Today, prisoners still refer to “Breaking Men’s Minds” on the legal subject of torture and inhumane treatment. Basically, the theme is about placing a man in an isolated environment and treating him like an animal.

Can they change human behavior into animal behavior?

Search the recidivism records and look for the most horrible crimes committed by ex-offenders, then go back to his isolated cell.

I remember a man so angry in the “box car” deprivation chamber that whenever he belched he growled like a roaring lion. Prison guards had to throw him his food.

This is not the kind of guy you would want to roll out the red carpet and say, “Welcome back to America.” Nevertheless, every day, thousands of prisoners are released back onto the streets of America, as "damaged goods", having this prison experience.

First, when a torture victim reaches his limit, he feels no pain, anymore. He went beyond the threshold of death. Essentially, he is a dead man walking in a clay body, speaking at you from the spirit world. He cannot ever be hurt again. Therefore, there is no fear of death.

Shoot him once, you will have to shoot him a thousand times, and he is still not dead. He is a Zombie, made in America.


  1. In many respects, your description of prison behavioral conditioning sounds like military basic training.

  2. I read this and feel so helpless. It is so clear that the criminal "justice" system is all about stripping human beings of all that makes us sentient. Autonomy, hope, soul, conscience. It would appear that one would have to have herculean strength and understanding of self to reintegrate in any positive way into society.
    People forget that those who go in, most often come out. Even if it takes 20 years. How do we make "the people" care???

  3. Carmen D., You ask: How do we make the people care? Good question. But whether people care or not, there is a consequence for instituting this type of regime, and an untold price to pay. Simply put, you cannot torture people and expect them to return to normalcy. Men living in a brutal environment never stop fanaticizing revenge... and revenge is contemplated on a mass scale. Even me- my revenge is carried out through the power of the pen.