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Friday, October 12, 2007

Jena Vendetta

When the Jena 6 defendants went to court on yesterday (Thursday), expecting a “routine hearing” related to a schoolyard fight that has drawn international attention, presiding Judge J. P. Mauffrey remanded 17-year old Mychal Bell into custody, supposedly on the grounds that the fight violated his probation on previous juvenile convictions.

What part of world opinion don’t these inbred retards of Louisiana understand?

First, it was three nooses dangled over a segregated schoolyard tree after black students had requested to sit under its shade during lunchtime like the white students. When black students protested, District Attorney Reed Walters came in and made his infamous threat directed at the black students- how that he can wipe out their lives with “the stroke of a pen”.

There are the nooses on one hand and the law on the other. (Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place). How can this not be interpreted as suppression of a people by use of fear and intimidation? (Fear of the lynch rope and Intimidation by the law). What choice does these black children have, except to "accept it" or fight against it?

Some people want us to fast-forward our minds to December 4, 2006, without taking into account the chain-reaction of events leading up to the schoolyard fight.

They called the nooses “a prank”. How did they know the purpose of the nooses and the intent of the heart of the noose-hangers? (Am I missing a secret conversation somewhere?) How are African-Americans supposed to automatically know that the nooses were only a prank, in a state with the highest number of recorded lynching, deep in the middle of KKK country, where (heretofore) no outside media dared to venture? (If a black person screamed in Jena, no one would hear it, because the traditional press doesn’t carry small town stories like this).

What the nooses could not do legally, rest assured that DA Reed Walters can do with just the stroke of his pen- lynch by law.

Stacking the jury with all-white citizens, including friends of the so-called victim, is ho-hum business as usual to Jena, but it is an aberration of justice in the eyes of the world. (A recent DA manual on how to exclude minorities from jury panel created some local controversy in my hometown). Nevertheless, this follows a southern tradition: Accuse a black man of anything and you can get a conviction, the odds being better with an all-white jury. And, if a man is falsely accused and convicted, who will hear him scream, anyway? (The Innocence Project has exonerated some 208 people who have been wrongly convicted. It is no wonder district attorneys oppose the establishment of Innocence Commissions to investigate claims of wrongful convictions).

Jena: A Rule by Terroristic Fear and Intimidation

When some 50,000 people heard the cry of the Jena 6 teenagers, they descended on the small backwoods town of 3,000. To avoid the protesting crowd and the media spectacle, the whole town closed its doors on the September 20 march.

The case of Mychal Bell was overturned by the appeals court and returned to be heard in juvenile court. The case was an international embarrassment. President George Bush spoke out about the injustice- likewise presidential candidates Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco “urged” the citizens of Jena to come together and resolve their race problem.

With one hand, they give. With the other, they take away.

In his lamentations about how his town as been mischaracterized, Jena Mayor Murphy McMillan, bemoans the continued protest. He speaks about how hospitable the people of Jena were to allow the protesters to come into his community (not to mention, everybody closed shop and went fishing). On the other hand, DA Reed Walters goes on public record to make a statement from God. Had not Jesus Christ intervened, he asserts, the protesters would have destroyed the town. (This reminds me of assertions during slavery- how God protected the minority white people against the red savages and rebellious black slaves.) How did God do it? Through “divine intervention”, says Walters. In the past, God always protected his “blessed people” from the cursed race of people, by putting his hands on them and keep them “in their place”.

It is no surprise that the popularity of this myth continues in the South, which only emboldens the Jena absurdities.

Do not connect the dots.

If the DA can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the act of assault happened in a vacuum- disconnected from surrounding circumstance-the daily taunting of by white students, and all the previous assaults upon black students- then there is no such thing in nature as cause and effect. Things just happen out of a spiritual nowhere, and one day, out of the sky-blue, here comes the assailant Mychal Bell with some crazy obsessed notion to hurt somebody (and it’s important that the DA points out that that somebody is white, not just a high school teenager like his counterpart). It was an “assault” upon a “white person”, the most heinous crime imaginable because it defies the social (divine) order.

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