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Marion Brothers

Thursday, October 25, 2007


A Hat Tip goes out to Anne of Queen Anne’s Revenge for her article “Economic Boycott Set For November 2 - Something Needs To Be Done”.

From her home town, Anne she observes:

If you throw away the tomato from your hamburger, you are defacing a hamburger and could be fined. Sounds crazy, doesnt it? They have the same law in Los Angeles. Supposedly its a sneaky way of generating money for the city and getting homeless people off the streets - they end up doing jail time because they can't pay the fine. Many jails and prisons are actually owned by corporations. The state pays them well (with our taxes) to house prisoners - its a business. On top of that, prisoners will work manufacturing products for less than a dollar a day. Why do they do this more to poor people? Maybe poor people are easier targets. Something needs to be done.

In response, Spadoman writes: There has been racial profiling, and many people have heard of it, but there has also been socioeconomic profiling… Ever watch "Cops" on TV? What do you see when the cops move in? Not the people who are driving the Lexus.

SpongyBones writes: This crap happens here in the midwest too. It's awful.

A naysayer Woozie writes about the planned November 2 Boycott: Never, ever, going to happen. Not on a large enough scale to make a real difference. Not enough people know about/care enough about injustices such as these.

Anne replies: Woozie - the probability of your being right is in direct proportion to how much you do.

Eddie Griffin sez: Way to go, Anne. Get all the “woozies” out of the way. They are what their name implies.

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  1. Well thank you, Eddie. I was surprised how widespread this problem is. If we count everyone - black, white and other, in big cities and small towns across America who is affected by police injustice, that might be a significant number of people.