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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tail Wagging the Dog wearing Lipstick

Does it make any difference what John McCain and Sarah Palin say of their opponent Barack Obama? Not according to the mass media. In their appetite for "red meat", they eat from Karl Rove’s table of bloody flesh. It makes no difference that the reporting is full of untruths, distortions, and outright lies.

NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell questions Washington bureau chief Mark Whitaker about how a frivolous story like pig-lipstick comment by Barack Obama can be transformed into a national controversy.

Whitaker literally claims that Senator John McCain’s much ado about nothing is really a ploy in “driving the news cycle day after day”.

So, what is Whitaker implying? Is he saying that John McCain is manipulating the media by feeding them trivia non-stories in order to evade the real issues?

WHITAKER: I keep waiting to see what animal we're going to find -- put lipstick on tomorrow. You know, we've had pit bulls, we've had pigs. It's turning into a very campy version of Noah's Ark. But, yeah -- look, I think, on one level, this seems like a frivolous story, but I think it does tell us two things that I think are important to watch. One is how good the McCain campaign is at hand-to-hand combat, at basically driving the news cycle day after day. Obviously, it's true that they don't really want to talk about the state of the economy, they don't want to talk about George Bush's record, so they've got to get other things to talk about, and they're very good at that.

NBC News political director Chuck Todd said earlier the same day on MSNBC's Morning Joe that the story was "a faux controversy" and that the media had "taken the bait on this lipstick thing" which he called "a joke" and "laughable."

Eddie Griffin Commentary

It gets no plainer than this: The tail is wagging the dog.

How can the mainstream media be manipulated like this? Simple, John McCain initiates and controls the course of the conversation. The media cannot get a real substantive question in edgewise.

I suspect some of the top media executives have a vested interest in the McCain candidacy and in manipulating the outcome of this election. Television news personalities see it, but are too helpless to stop it. Those who do show a little backbone gets an assignment in Siberia.

Republicans Underhanded Racist Movie

The most pathetic case of Republican bred racism is coming to a theater near you, October 3rd, with the release of “The American Carol”.

The trailer to this movie, advertised as a comic satire aimed of moviemaker and political critic Michael Moore, The American Carol swipes at African-American dignity by exploiting former black child star, Gary Coleman, in the degrading role of a Coon Caricature like Stepin Fetchit.

This is political and it is not funny. Will white people laugh at this? God forbid.

Everybody knows that the former child star, Gary Coleman, has been an out-of-work actor for many years. Everyone knows that he suffers a birth defect that stunted his growth. As a child on the popular television show Diff’rent Strokes (1978-186), he was cute and cuddly to an African-American fan base, when few black actors were featured on tv.

In the latter years, he fell on hard times, went bankrupt, and attempted suicide on several occasion. He also suffers from a kidney disease and is in terrible need of a transplant. This is where Hollywood Republican moviemaker David Zucker and FOX News Commentator Bill O’Reilly comes in, not to rescue the destitute actor, but to exploit him for what dignity he has left. This is the same Gary Coleman, they rumored, who tried to sell his underwear on E-Bay.

In the movie trailer above, notice how the trickster try to caricaturize Barack Obama as being associated with Arab terrorists.

How much more subtle can the devil get?

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