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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eddie Griffin Endorses Nicole Collier

For State Representative 95

Who will represent me in Austin, Texas as State Representative for District 95? With Wendy Davis as my State Senator for Senate District 10, who would best be her pair?

No better choice for Eddie Griffin than Nicole Collier.

I need someone who can battle in the trenches of the state legislature, as I would represent myself in fighting for education, jobs, and healthcare.

District 95 is not an office for the politically faint-at-hear or a Jack Daniel drinking, cigar-smoking drunkard.

District 95 is our turf. And whoever takes it on must be touched in the head or in the heart.

Nicole Collier is a woman of sound mind and sound judgment, and a down-and-gritty work ethic that I have witnessed firsthand. She goes after it non-stop, night and day, like she must have done when she was coming up out of rock hard poverty, as a teenage African-American single mother.

“As a single mother attending school and working to support her daughters,” Nicole Collier political ad says, “Many people told Nicole Collier she’d never make it.”

And yet she had the tenacity to go out and do it. She graduated from high school, went on to college, got her degree in law, and now owns her own law firm. Today, she is highly esteemed by her peers in the Trial Lawyers Association.

Her worn out pink sneakers proclaims: “A leader who’s walked the walk”. Indeed, she is all that and then some.

Can she take a punch, I asked myself? A tough candidate must be able to roll with the punches, and take some hard knocks in the political arena.

To test the mettle in the mortal of the candidacy, I bluntly and unabashedly asked her, “Can you take a punch?”

Not a nice question to ask a lady at our first meeting. But here Nicole Collier had assumed the bold audacity to take on the district where Eddie Griffin lives. And I am a man accustomed to trading punches in the political arena.

No. Nicole Collier must be able to take a punch if she is to survive Round One, and make it into the latter rounds.

In response to my question, this petite, pint-size young grandmother, not yet forty, looked Eddie Griffin straight in the eyes, balled up her fist, took aim at my choppers, and answered confidently: “Not only can I take a punch. I hit back.”

Yep! This is one tough Texas grandma- big voice, big heart, and fierce fighting spirit. And, I believe she can hold her ground and fend herself against those big political bullies in Austin that will surely come her way in the legislature.

The Star-Telegram Editorial Board recommends Nicole Collier in the Democratic Primary for Texas House District 95.

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