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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stop Racism Now? Too Late

By Eddie Griffin

Saturday, April 07, 2012

I saw a sign that irked me. It reads: Stop Racism Now. Not that I don’t agree, I just hate sloganizing. There are two sides to the issue of Racism: Whites see it one way; Blacks see it another. And, the two can never see eye to eye.

As an elder black man, I have given up on talking about racism. I let racism speak for itself, and continue living like a fugitive Jew in Nazi Germany; except here in the United States, it is the Nazi mentality that lives.

There is no loss of love for country or patriotism, I just take issue with the rest of the Germans take notice of what the Nazis are doing in undermining a Jewish people in their midst. The things that the Nazis get away with in public discourse and intercourse should be a national outrage. But the rest of the Germans look on and call it “politics as usual”.

African-American youth must learn how to live strategically around those who do not take their best interest at heart. They must also outwit the Nazis, like the Jews did, in order to survive, thrive, and flourish. And, there is no loss of the American Dream, but reaching and realizing it means taking a strategic path, and using all the intelligence that they can muster.

The slogan, Stop Racism Now, is like saying Stop Air Now. America breathes it like a toxic element is the atmosphere, and don’t even know its contamination.

[See Video “I Am Not Trayvon”]

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