Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hood Rat Race in U. S. Congressional District 33

Upon whom we contend for the seat of this office and the seat of this power of the people, we are come from the grassroots up.

These are the ones who will be appearing this drama in the 2012 Election:

Texas Candidates:

This website provides information on Texas’ Congressional, Senate, and House of Representatives candidates, district demographic information and voter trends on a subscription basis.

Reports provided include: a filing deadline memo, listing incumbents seeking re-election, challengers, and candidates in open seats; Primary Election Reports for Congressional, Texas Senate, and House of Representatives candidates; Run-Off Election Reports; General Election Reports (see sample reports by clicking on “Sample Reports” on the main menu); and post-election reports the morning after the Primary, Run-off, and General Elections.

Sign up to get onto the ground floor of all the actions of the candidates to be heard.

LOOK FOR OUR VOICE in the person of pastor Kyev Tatum, candidate for the newly created U.S. District 33.

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