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Friday, March 9, 2012

Wendy Davis says: "Mama Bear is Mad"

One of the good ole boys who hold women in low esteem made a snide comment about when “Mama Bear gets mad, change occurs”. This enigmatic statement dates back to the days when women were suppressed, to the days when every good ole boy the best way to keep a woman was “barefooted and pregnant”. The joke usually followed that you could have dominion over his wife “until Mama Bear got mad.”

A few weeks ago, Foster Friess, a billionaire supporter of Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC that in his day “gals” used aspirin as birth control — “They just put one between their knees.” The attempt at humor left the veteran newswoman speechless.

This is why we call them the good ole boys. They keep their women suppressed. But now Wendy Davis, crusader for Texas Senate District 10, says: “Mama Bear is mad.”

State Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth said that, based on the number of calls her office is getting, she believes such attacks are going to have a dramatic impact on the upcoming presidential election, to the benefit of President Obama and the Democratic Party.

“The outcry is extreme, from Democratic and Republican women alike,” she said...

Davis recounted a story by former Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Ratliff, talking about the Mothers Against Drunk Driving group and their success in forcing drastic changes in state law.

“When Mama Bear gets mad, change occurs,” Davis quoted Ratliff as saying.
And right now, she said, “Mama Bear is mad.”

Wow! The little lady with the big voice, Wendy Davis, is a thorn in the butt of a good ole boy named Rick Perry.

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