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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Firebombing Brings out the Best in Wendy Davis

Like Grace under Fire

When Texas State Senator Wendy Davis office was firebombed on yesterday, and before anybody knew anything of suspect, we panicked. But Wendy herself, coolly and calmly, vowed to be back in business by today, doing what she always does, the people’s business, for Senate District 10.

But of course, by now, most of you know, they have apprehended the man who supposedly tossed the incendiary device. No, this was not a clandestine GOP revenge like the CIA in Bolivia, nor a case of a Manchurian candidate on the loose. This was a normal abnormal homeless man looking for a home, most likely inside the nearest caboose.

Here is latest inspiring FB Post:

Wendy Davis updated her status: "Friends - as you may have heard, the Fort Worth Fire and Police Departments, working together, apprehended the person that they believe was responsible for throwing an incendiary device at my senate district office door yesterday. I am so thankful to them for their quick, extremely capable response. Please know how much all of your thoughts and kind words have meant to me and my team over the past hours. We are blessed beyond words to have supporters like you. xo."

She sealed it with a x-kiss and an o-hug.

The FB response was overwhelming, hundreds and hundreds of supporters rallying to her defense, some willing to stand all-night watches, others wanting to be her “bodyguards” (no thanks, please).

Through it all, Wendy Davis has been marvelous as Grace under Fire

Eddie Griffin
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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