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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cause of Death by Psychobabble

A Human Rights Campaign

By Eddie Griffin

Do not be hoodwinked and bamboozled by “Psychobabble”.

What is “Psychobabble”?

When we studied why so many young black men were being put on medication during the 1970s, we recognized a new specialization in medical terminology.

Psychobabble is based on the idea that social and personal conflicts are more understandable through the use of complex, descriptive or special esoteric language. The word came into popular usage after the 1977 publication of Psychobabble: Fast talk and quick cure in the age of feeling, by author and journalist R. D. Rosen.

The Black Panther radical think tank, known as “The Collective”, was alerted by rogue CIA agent Philip Agee. The CIA mind control experimentation at USP Marion was shrouded in complex “psychobabble”. This was during the height of the Psych War of the 1970s.

Wikipedia defines Psychobabble is a form of prose using jargon, buzzwords and highly esoteric language to give an impression of plausibility through mystification, misdirection, and obfuscation. Psychobabble is also a psychological term used to denote the misdiagnosis and misclassification of natural variation in human psychology as psychopathological, or mentally disordered, and is based upon the premise of exaggerated overmedicalization of physiological ailments to increase profits for the medical industry.

Eddie Griffin describes how the CIA utilized psychobabble to cover for a secret mind control program called “Breaking Men’s Minds”.

The hardest part of selling psychobabble to the public is legitimizing the new language in misdiagnosing and misclassifying an event or a practice that needs to be rationalized to the public. In every case, it is controversial.


Jason Doan, age 28, was zapped him three times with a Taser and went into cardiac arrest and died. But Judge Monica Bast says the electronic stun gun did not cause Doan’s death. Instead, Bast says the most likely cause of his heart stopping was excited delirium, which was the official cause noted on his death certificate… but lack of medical information preclude a definitive declaration. “The cause of Doan's cardiac arrest and the manner of his death remain undeterminable,” Best wrote.

NOTE: Cause of Death

Wikipedia defines Excited Delirium as a “controversial term used to explain deaths of individuals in police custody, in which the person being arrested or restrained shows some combination of agitation, violent or bizarre behavior, insensitivity to pain, elevated body temperature, or increased strength. It has been listed as a cause of death by some medical examiners.

It only appears as a cause of death where police are involved in restraining agitated individuals. The term has no formal medical recognition and is not recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. There may also be a controversial link between "excited delirium" deaths and the use of Tasers to subdue agitated people.


The term “Excited Delirium” is only used in police-related death. Otherwise, there is no recorded case of anyone getting overly excited and killing over. It is a cover term, a medical shield behind which taser-related deaths have been carried out.

As a former member of The Collective, I recall tracking back to the source where the new medical lexicon was being coined. That’s how I later became friends with Dr. Edgar Schein, on of the founding fathers of brainwash research and organizational behavior psychology. We corrupted the good intentional meaning of the word “brainwash”. Instead of a cleansing of the mind (rehabilitation) as the Chinese intended, the American psychologists were dibbling and dabbling in thought control science.

We tracked these ideas back to the think tanks that created them. We studied the rationale behind them and what made them so deceptive to the public. They knew how to generate blind, ignorant support, even for practices of torture. Thereby, reality was turned on its head. What was the public good and who had the power to define it, and to what extent would the public let the powers go?

This is why I am able to recognize that “Excited Delirium” cannot ever be the cause of death, because it is a medical fiction. Track the medical examiners connection with Taser International, Inc., and you will discover why medical examiners never list the cause of death as tasers; and those that do, get sued by the company, which has won every suit, except those secretly settled out of court.

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