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Marion Brothers

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Toddler Perry Evokes Secession Controversy

I could care less if Texas breaks from the Union and go to hell in a hand-basket. But I do care about those who hide under hoods and behind disguises, making insinuations, innuendos, and deceit. I believe that every man and woman in America has the right to speak his or her peace. But speak straight and make known your grievances and your position. Don’t hide behind double-talk: “I said, but I didn’t mean what I said.” Forked tongue speech is the way of cowards.

Let me be clear: He or she who is against the Obama economic policies and wish to break from the Union, I say: "Have at it." But say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Let me put it another way:

Here is a line in the sand, Governor Perry. Those who wish to break from the Union, you should let them first publicly renounce their U.S. citizenship and signed a Declaration of Independence. Speak now, or shut up!

Secondly, and more importantly, is the secessionists’ relationship to the loyalists. Be open and honest: You are who you are, except for those who are cowards, who hide under a sheet and behind women’s shirts.

Should a loyal 1776 British patriot be subjected to terrorism and tyranny of the Revolutionaries of our forefathers? Should we fear that you should form a militia and bear arms against your neighbor? These things should not be the secret of conspiracies. State your peace, and be done with it. Lay your chips fall on the table, so we can consider the options.

I speak Texan to Texan, leaving the Big Brother federal government out of it. There is a reason African-Americans favor federalism. What has state's rights ever reward us with. I would rather know what is before me, rather than speculate on what is behind me. I already know that there is a conspiracy to overthrow the United States government. By speaking Texan to Texan, where does that put me? Or, have you even considered me?

That riverboat cowboy dressed in black with the funny mustache said he would lead the Texas revolution, if he were made governor. And, if it wasn’t bad enough for Black Bart “Kinky” Freedman to openly declare secessionist sentiment, here comes greasy haired Governor Rick Perry with his innuendos.

(I said what I said, but it was misunderstood. I meant to be more cleave to convey my secessionist sentiments to one sector, while expressing legitimate Republican gripes to the other... straddle the fence like. This way, the Republican Party will not appear to be associated with those who carried Rebel flags to the tea party rally; while, at the same time, giving them comfort that they are accepted)

Not even the master of deceit can hide it. This is Texas. And, nothing arouses a Texan like a good fight, especially against the federal government and civil rule. Texas has always resisted law and order, except after the order of the rich and white. If you break this bowl on self-deception, all the fighting spirit comes out of Texans.

The Confederacy shall rise again has always been a battle cry in Texas. Kinky Freedman may have just lit the fire, but Governor Rick Perry fans the flames. If it fizzles out, no harm is done to the Union. It’s business as usual, smiling in the face, while stabbing in the back. But if the revolt builds into a firestorm, the devil himself would like to sit atop of the flames. Hence, would come to an end this humanity, as we know it.

Is that extreme? That is what extremists think. Suicide bombers, like Al Qaeda, look forward to a holocaust and a mass loss of life. If an extremist look for a violent destructive end, he will sacrifice himself to bring this vision to pass.

There are terrorists and there are terrorists. Shall I watch only my front yard and not my back, if my neighbor declares war upon me? Who is the true enemy? Governor Perry, I ask.

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