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Marion Brothers

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Red Tea Party

Leading this stage of the revolt, in my own backyard in Fort Worth, Texas, will be Governor Rick Perry

By Eddie Griffin

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Reds are coming. The Reds are coming. But these ain’t red injuns. These are Red coats, disguised as Indians, engaged in revolution. The Republican Party disguised as Grassroots is taking to the streets to reenact the Boston Tea Party. So they say, so they think.

On all days, Tax Day, April 15, 2009, the Reds are staging a nationwide Tea Party, to symbolize a revolt against the Obama economic recovery plan.

If the administration’s economic plan is the most viable best course for the nation’s recovery, this Tea Party represents an act of sabotage, similar to that taken by Texas in 1861.

We cast our votes in hope with the Obama-Bidden administration. Their ideas and goals were the best between the two parties. The majority elected Barack Obama as President and Commander-in-Chief to lead the country in a new direction. This Tea Party revolt represents a return to Egypt, similar to the times of Moses.

Leading this stage of the revolt, in my own backyard in Fort Worth, Texas, will be Governor Rick Perry, who is still balking over portions of the economic stimulus plan. He is scheduled to speak today at LaGrange Field.

The Reds were not Native Americans hijacking a British ship in the Boston Harbor. They looked like Indians. They dressed like Indians. But they were only Indians in disguise.

Just because the Republicans of Texas disguise themselves as Reds, their motive and intent is the overthrow of the President’s economic stimulus plan, in which we have put our hopes and dreams.

Politics is politics, mindless as a dollar bill. But Revolt is conscientious.

To what extent will the Reds go to subvert the government’s intent? Texas Governor Sam Houston was opposed to succession from the Union. And, only 25% of the Texas population was slaveholders in 1861. We had nothing to gain from joining the Confederacy.

So, what have we to gain now with this Tea Party revolt, orchestrated by the Republican Party? Are we as divided as we were during the Civil War? Are we trying to divide the country again by fomenting dissent? The governor should be careful not to instigate divisiveness during a period when we need national unity.

An enemy is only as great as the threat it presents. Small threats require little defense. Big threats require more defenses. Let us not loose sight of Al Qaeda by creating a greater threat within. I would hate to see the President take his eyes off the war aboard and concentrate his time and energy on a domestic rising Confederacy.


  1. The Homeland Security memo isn't worried about terrorists. It's worried about "right wing extremists" attending TEA parties and peacefully voicing their opposition to massive government spending by the Obama administration. Why are you so worried about Republicans who want to take back their country?

  2. Because they are only Republicans in disguise.