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Marion Brothers

Monday, March 9, 2009

Signs of Hope & Change: USS Fort Worth

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dear Kay Granger:

I know time will not permit our speaking at length, so first let me say: “Congratulations” on all you have accomplished in Congress on behalf of the people of Fort Worth. The Trinity River Vision, which you championed through the legislature, was outstanding. And, I see where J. D. has started on the Oxbow with money out of the stimulus package.

Great job lobbying for the USS Fort Worth, it gives us pride, especially recognizing the fact that it will be built under the Barack Obama presidency. Thank you also for helping the Fort Worth ISD get the Arts grant.

I have been hoping that the massive Trinity River Vision project would provide an opportunity for us to grow more engineers out of our educational system. We could strengthen our math-science curriculum, raise academic achievement, and produce more students aspiring to become local engineers, and keep this city growing.

I have worked with our revered civil engineering firms in Fort Worth and recognize there is a lack of diversity due to the lack of qualified engineering graduates. Freese & Nichols laid the first civil infrastructure in the City of Fort Worth over a hundred years ago and has been one of the lead engineering firms throughout its development. We need more diversity also at Carter & Burgess.

These companies will be modernizing the City for many years to come. Our children will grow up in the shadow of these new developments, like the Trinity River Vision. Shall they not have a part in the planning and design of the city’s future?

This is an opportunity that we cannot pass up. I hope you speak again with Dr. Johnson and demonstrate how the project can benefit our students. Let me assure you that the project will have our support for many years to come.

President Barack Obama has been gracious to the Fort Worth community, maybe because he has Facebook pictures with Marc Veasey, Kathleen Hicks, Donovan Wheatfall, Trista Allen, Opal Lee, and others. These are names you might recognize as your friends.

No matter Democrat or Republican, we love Kay Granger.

Eddie Griffin

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