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Marion Brothers

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hit the Ground Running? Not Quite, Wendy Davis

Finding My Way Around the Capitol

Okay, so you all know that I'm a freshman, right?

Dang, this Capitol is BIG! I must admit that several times I have turned left when I should have turned right; I have gone up when I should have gone get the picture. But there's no need to worry, my faithful friends. I play it cool. Way cool. Somehow I manage to pretend I know what I am doing at all times!

And I am proud to say that after several weeks on the job, I can now navigate my way to the restrooms, the cafeteria, my committee hearing rooms, and most importantly to the senate floor, without guidance. (Well, occasionally I do look for those breadcrumbs that my staff leaves to guide my way.)

In the hallways, I am greeted by a steady chorus of "Hello, Senator," "Hi, Senator," "How are you, Senator...."

I think to myself, "Who the heck are they talking to? Oh, wait... that's me!"

It catches me off-guard because I don't really believe in the whole "title" thing. So, I am striving to let folks here know that my first name is Wendy, not "Senator."

Please come visit me at the Capitol sometime, and wear comfy shoes when you do. I think my office is about as far from the front door of the Capitol as one can get! Once you've navigated the miles and miles of hallway, let's talk about what you care about and how I can help you. After all, that's job NUMBER ONE for all of us here in the office.

Oh...and when you visit, PLEASE...just call me Wendy!

- Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, District 10

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