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Monday, December 17, 2007

HAT TIP TO THE Rehabilitation Project

The Rehabilitation Project has provide an Action Plan to help gain the passage of the “The Second Chance Act for Ex-Offenders of 2007”.

Dear Rehabilitated Project Members, Friends and Subscribers:

It seems quite certain now that the “Second Chance Act” by Congressman Davis – the funding bill – will pass both House and Senate and be signed by the President.

It also seems quite certain now that Congressman Rangel’s bill, “The Second Chance Act for Ex-Offenders of 2007” – which provides for cleaning up federal criminal conviction records – will not.

Thus, it is my belief that in the next week we can make a big difference in Congressman Davis’ bill by working through the offices of Senator Sam Brownback. Why?

Because he helped sponsor Davis' bill in the Senate; and,

Because both the Senator and most of his staff are sympathetic to our plight.
I thus provide the following contact information for you:

Hon. Sam Brownback
United States Senate
303 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

What I propose is that you:

FIRST fax Senator Brownback a letter urging him to incorporate a Certificate of Rehabilitation provision in the Second Chance Act of which he is a co-sponsor and send it by fax; and

SECOND, that you call his office and request to speak with the “… staff person in charge of the Second Chance Act.” When talking with the staff person, please refer to the letter that you previously faxed to Senator Brownback. It is commonly accepted that each letter received in Congress represents tens of thousands of voters – thus, all letters get respect. Don’t use mail, only use fax. It is worth it to go to Kinkos and send it from there if you do not have a fax machine, or send your letter to us by email and we’ll fax it for you and in your name.

Here are the phone and fax numbers for Senator Brownback.

Phone: (202) 224-6521
Fax: (202) 228-1265

Both your letter and your telephone call should reference the following website page which includes a proposed Certificate of Rehabilitation provision that has already been placed before Senator Brownback’s office and for which there is some support.

Now is the time to get this done because the Second Chance Act will be finally considered next week by Congress and a strong voice like Brownback’s may carry the day or, at least, pave the way for us to get started again next session on a “clean” Certificate of Rehabilitation bill that is fair, just and passable.

Charles Benninghoff
The Rehabilitated Project

Phone 949-240-3000
Cell 949-510-1100

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