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Marion Brothers

Monday, December 31, 2007

Edwards Leads in Iowa: Subliminal Suggestion or Wishful Thinking?

Wait just one dat burn cotton-picking minute!

One day, the Iowa Democratic primaries was a two-horse race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, with John Edwards trailing a distant third. Now, according to a new McClatchy-MSNBC poll, John Edwards is the frontrunner.

John Edwards has clawed his way into contention to win Iowa's caucuses on Thursday in the first vote for the Democratic presidential nomination, gaining strength even as rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have lost ground, according to a new McClatchy-MSNBC poll. (“Iowa: Edwards surges, Huckabee's bubble bursts”, Star-Telegram, December 30, 2007)

Besides this latest headache in the news, Mike Huckabee, who was leading the Iowa Republican polls only a few days ago, is now playing second fiddle to Mitt Romney (like Nero while Rome burned).

What in the world happened?

“On the Democratic side, the race is about as close as it can get, but keep an eye on Edwards,” said Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, which conducted the survey. “Edwards has really moved up since our last poll. Obama and Clinton have each slipped a little bit.” On the Republican side, Coker said, “Romney has rebounded and the Huckabee bubble may have burst.”

Some pollsters have been fudging Edwards up in their polls for months, in case anybody noticed. And when Mike Huckabee emerged from the backpack, it threw the same pundits for a loop. Now the opinion makers are righting the ship at the 11th hour, with the Iowa caucus only three days away.


From the very outset of the 2008 presidential race, I wondered how the media would promote John Edwards from his lowly third place in the polls to the frontrunner position and how they would bring down the highly flying Mike Huckabee. Like an adage from Mount Olympus, “Just say it, and it will be so”.

Subliminal suggestion or wishful thinking?


  1. wishful thinking, i dont see him that much in iowa on cspan

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