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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reducing the Charge to the Highest Crime

Jena Prosecutor Breaches Stratosphere of Irrationality

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Star-Telegram caption reads: “Another charge reduced in 'Jena 6' case” (09/11/07). It appears that LaSalle Parish, Louisiana is rapidly gaining becoming the Idiot Capitol of America.

Think about it. It is not enough to charge six African-American high school youths with “attempted second degree murder” for a school yard fight, but to reduce the charges to “aggravate battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery” is proof positive that District Attorney Reed Walters is out of his mind if he thinks that he can mix and match contrived criminal charges to his own likings.

If “attempted second degree murder” don’t fly and he can’t try the kids as adults and give each of them up to 50 years, then Walters simply does the next best stupid thing: Charge them with “aggravated battery and conspiracy” and give them up to 15 years.

I wonder how many district attorneys around the country think the same way. Exactly! Too many! And, this is exactly why we have such a disparity in justice along racial lines.

There is something about a southern small town mindset. Maybe it comes from inbreeding. But obviously the DA is totally oblivious to public opinion, not only from around the country, but also around the world. While the world is screaming “Injustice”, this knucklehead is nitpicking which charges he can rationalize prosecuting.

Walters charges Robert Bailey, Jr., one of the six youth, with “aggravate battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery”, even after the judge threw out the “conspiracy” conviction on Mychal Bell, another one of the youths. If the conspiracy charge does not stick to one, how can it stick to another?

Now don’t try to confuse me with the facts. The whole world knows who did what. Sure, six black students ganged up on one white student at school. But that was not where the whole thing started. It started when a group of white students draped three nooses over a tree in front of the school to intimidate black students who wished to integrate the segregated sitting area. School officials called it a “prank” rather than a “hate crime”. Then white students assaulted a black student and nothing was done. Again, a white student pulls a shotgun on a group of black students and no charges were brought, except against the black student who seized the weapon from the would-be assailant.

Can there be any wonder why one of the young white pranksters got jumped?

Two wrongs don’t make a right, I've always been taught. And, three wrongs only make matters worse. This is why thousands of people are boarding up, headed for Jena, Louisiana, to protest the goings-on. It’s like the 1960s Freedom Riders all over again. Jena must have never learned her lesson.

Will the governess intervene? Or, will Kathleen Blanco find her favorite hiding spot under a tree somewhere?

Something tells me that Louisiana is backwood and retarded when it comes to problem-solving. Either that or this is a case of malicious prosecution.

Al Sharpton has called upon Governor Blanco to investigate the prosecution being waged by DA Walters. He, and Jesse Jackson, plans to join the throng of thousands of protesters from across the country on September 20, the day Mychal Bell is scheduled to be sentenced. Bell, who was convicted by an all-white jury, could receive up to 15 years and a $10,000 fine, while none of the white students who started the racial instigation will be charged with anything.

How obvious the injustice! Reed Walters must think that the rest of the world is stupid, or even worse, if he thinks that this type of unjust justice can go on forever without decent people saying anything.

The State of Louisiana is losing love as fast as it found it when Katrina blew through.


  1. Dr. Candi Hudson and I (Tawanna Thierry) filed a Discrimination Lawsuit against oil giant, Schlumberger. Although Dr. Candi Hudson and I are the first in history to firmly stand, the fact remains that racism and sexism has existed for decades. The harsh reality of Schlumberger’s market position and political association breeds comfort to “act” above the law. “Many are called, but only a few are chosen” taken from the Bible, brilliantly describes Dr. Candi Hudson and my decision to stand against “Goliath”.

    Blacks in America are plagued by racism. If our community remains unresponsive to what can be referred to as “Modern Day Slavery,” the visual nightmares of three nooses hanging from a tree, referencing “Jena 6,” will be right in our own backyards. However, these subliminal “nooses” already exist for Dr. Candi Hudson and me. Our prayers are with these young men.

    The most alarming news is the fact that Dr. Candi Hudson and I continue to call out for “Help”. It is not our intention to be “poster children,” but as “Rosa Parks and Harriett Tubman”, Dr. Candi Hudson and I continue to send out SOS signals in hopes of receiving a response.

    Regardless of our misfortune, we will continue to be a “voice” against racism and sexism. We have a comfort level of knowing that one day we will all answer to an ultimate Judge. How long will Blacks oppress ourselves, others, and allow others to oppress us? What if you were to arrive home and find a “dead bird with the neck cleanly snapped” attached to your door? Well, it happened to Dr. Candi Hudson. The message was loud and clear, as was the message of those three hanging nooses.

    Take a moment to view the attached link below:;jsessionid=1B4013711171D570C0F9CEB9A1672E6F?contentId=3956427&version=4&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

    SOS - HELP!!!!!!!! Hopefully someone is out there to respond


    Dr. Candi Hudson & Tawanna Thierry
    Houston, TX

  2. In regards to the Reducing the Charge to the highest crime" story, I also am a Schlumberger employee that was terminated for reporting sexual harrassment and later retaliation. I have recently filed with the EEOC and gained representative legal counsel. We are all forced to continously fight against falling victim to this company. Please help us help others understand the importance to protect our civil rights.