Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Mr. Media Executives

Philippe Dauman, Viacom
Doug Morris, Universal Music Group
Edgar Bronfman Jr., Warner Music Group

Dear Mr. Media Executives:

It is becoming increasingly more evident that your thoughts are not our thoughts and neither your ways our ways. Nevertheless, we have been tolerant not to abridge your free speech or freedom of artistic expression, except to insist protecting our children from pornographic obscenities. In light to the continual misogyny of African-American women, however, we must say that you have exceeded our tolerance by this concerted encroachment upon our sense of public decency.

Who is a whore and who is a bitch? Is it not the African-American women featured in your television programming, in musical rap videos, and on movie silver-screen… half-naked, provocative, lewd, vulgar, sensual and devilishly sexy? Shame on you!

And, who are these “ugly nappy-headed ‘hoes” of which you speak?

Shame on you, again! There is only so much that we, African-Americans (and other Americans), can take.

In the past, you have portrayed our people as stupid buffoons and minstrel coons, created like courtyard jesters, for the sake of your private pleasure, clowns made for humiliation. We are always made sport of. And, by degrading and humiliating our women, you seem all the more satisfied.

The media has become a play toy to you for mass brainwashing, cloning sick and perverse minds into the image of your own. Through mass psychology via television, radio, and music industry, you have made us a joke to ourselves, as you feed the public-at-large with intoxicating daily doses of sex mania.

Is it no wonder that black women are raped and abused like dogs in such record numbers? No wonder you call her a “bitch”. How can you wash your hand of the blood of the crime when, in fact, it is a Frankenstein of your own making?

Time out for our pleading for more decency and uplifting programming, lest we be further accused of Puritanism. Rather, we endorse the mission of Association of National Advertisers’ Family Friendly Programming Forum to implement more “family friendly programming”. And, we will use our collective powers to negatively impact the profitability of those companies who cross the line.

Gentlemen, assuming that none of you are God, you must be made accountability to the public and brought back to the realization your social responsibility in shaping the minds and values of our youth.

Prepared Statement by Eddie Griffin, Afrosphere Bloggers Association (ABA)

Read into the Congressional Records, this 25th day of September, 2007

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