Marion Brothers

Marion Brothers

Friday, August 10, 2007

My Vote for President

Let's look forward in time and then look back.

In looking forward, into the future, there is no crystal ball certainty of anything. Our forward planning is designed around contingencies and “What If” scenarios.

What if John Edwards wins? What is the contingency plan and how would we rate that contingency in terms of probabilities, and how much time and resources are require to make or defeat such candidacy? And, what if a Republican wins back the Whitehouse, I ask again: What are the contingencies?

All former students of BP Marxism would understand dialectical analysis. This is a scientific approach, and not always accurate. But it is a methodology, nonetheless, that causes us to factor in other elements- the “hidden factors”.

Sometimes when a fact become so self-evident, we will still deny its existence and factor it out as a fact of life. We delude ourselves, which later leads to serious miscalculations.

We specialize in searching out miscalculations by self-delusion that leads to strategic and tactical errors. For example: A million cartoon characters do not equal one child of God. [Don’t even go there.]

I am amazed at how people can sound so much like a duck: Quack! Quack! Am I hearing voices? Good Lord, am I going crazy- people sounding like ducks?

My eye is on the Whitehouse. That is my last line of defense. I care about who might be the next President of the United States. Once, I didn’t care, and I didn’t even care to vote. Most black people could less about voting. Fact of life, let’s face it. And, white voters are nearly as apathetic.

These are two factors excluded by self-denial. In the meantime, I keep my eye on the prize of the Whitehouse. The next man or woman that goes into that office will have endured the fire and be proven true as a national leader.

So, don’t try to twist my arm one way or the other for Candidate X or Candidate Y. I must study all the factors and assess where the balance of power lie. Every contest is a tug-of-war for voters. This time I want the right to be a voter, not a party member. Maybe one day my vote will be the swing vote, the difference maker, that elects a president.

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