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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri Protest Sparks National Movement

From Eddie Griffin-


Ferguson, Missouri Protest Sparks National Movement


I got an SOS text message from Ferguson from a Facebook friend, who was one of the principals in organizing the protests surrounding the killing of teenager Michael Brown Jr.


At the time of contact, teargas was raining down on the community. His wife had almost been arrested. They barely made it home safely out of the chaos, home to their four children.


Describing what he saw, it sounded like SyFy:


We have seen that. They were prepared with riot gear assault rifles and wooden bullets and teargas from the very beginning tanks on rail cars moved into St Louis days ago also there have been several military vehicles as well as helicopters and drones there are parts of the city that we can't go to at night… They almost have arrested my wife on Sunday for helping a teenager who was being descended upon by circle of pigs.


We decided not to go to Ferguson tonight. But we live 15 min away. Yes sir, curfew. Martial law… My wife told the sisters to leave the children at home. Ferguson is entirely locked down now… they start shooting massive amounts of teargas at night… We need to work on getting international exposure and support so that we will not be isolated… Something strange is going on they are trying to provoke us… this feels like some sort of weird government project.



As I was texting, they went into the fourth straight night of rebellion.


The first thing the paramilitary police did, when they went into Ferguson, MO, was exercise martial law. They started grabbing any and everybody, grabbing their phones and laptops. The local cable TV went on 2-day blackout. It was hard to get their story out, and they were getting no feedback from the outside world. News journalists were attacked by tear gas, threatened, and arrested, in violation of Freedom of the Press.


[The journalists can Petition for Suppression of First Amendment Right, Freedom of Speech]


They asked my personal advice and these were my recommendations:


1) Continue the fight

2) Engage and Draw out the forces against you

3) Stay out of firing range

4) Keep the children off the streets of the war zone.


While the protest raged, the residents of Ferguson were blacked out from the outside world, like Jena, LA. The continuation of the fight would ensure the story of Mike Brown’s shooting would come to light. Through non-violent peaceful protest, hands up, don’t shoot demonstrations, they were fired upon by tear gas, which is a chemical weapon banned by the United Nation. Therefore, the City of Ferguson is guilty of using unlawful chemical warfare like the apartheid regime in South Africa (circa 1960s), against the African-American citizens, for the purpose of suppressing descent.


The shooting of the teenager Mike Brown call to mind all the other young black men who have been killed across the United States since Barack Obama became President. Thank God, the Justice Department is now looking into the pattern of police shootings and arrests, and the disparities in the use of force. We, as an African-American community, have historical standing with the United Nations. [Read WE CHARGE GENOCIDE] This is the charge against the City of Ferguson in the eyes of the world.


GENOCIDE involves more than the shooting of Mike Brown, but the shooting down of young black men, at discretion, or tasing them to death. The systematic elimination of black men weakens the family structure and the entire African-American community.

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