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Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Prayer for Erick Muñoz

Our prayers go out Erick Muñoz for the healing of his family, now that he can finally lay his wife to rest. Of course, it may be of little consequence the court ruling gave him no comfort, only relief.


It is tragedy enough to lose a wife and an unborn child. But this tragedy is compounded by people like the Texas Alliance for Life in Austin who issued a statement saying it was saddened by the judge’s order to take Marlise Muñoz off life support:


“The decision fails to recognize the interests of the unborn child, who is a separate patient,” the statement said. “We believe the intent of the legislature, as expressed numerous places in Texas law, is to protect the lives of unborn children to the greatest extent possible.”


There is something missing here between the ears called common sense. What did they expect? Did they imagine that a female corpse, after 2 months into rigor mortis, to carry a 22-week old fetus to term, while it is already in the process of mutating? Mr. Muñoz only mentioned his heart sickness having to endure the stench of his wife’s rotting flesh, while on hospital visits. As she mortifies, the fetus deteriorates. But had the Texas Alliance for Life had its way, this could have gone on for seven more months.


We forget that God made us, and not we ourselves (Psalms 100:3). Who would overrule God to create life where there is no life? No matter our fortunate journey from sperm to worm, until God breathes into us the breath of life, we cannot become a living soul (Genesis 2:7). The body is not the spirit, and without the spirit the body is dead. And the dead cannot raise the living. And a dead womb cannot bring forth life.


Marlise Muñoz is decaying. In a short while, her remains will turn to dust and skeleton, and only her memory remains. Who, then, can raise the dust to life? Or bring life up out of the dust? Can a dead Egyptian mommy give birth simply because their embalmed bodies are preserved?


What is disturbing is those who would preserve life do very little to support it. Otherwise, we would pave the way for the next generation of healthy babies, and reduce the infant mortality rate. Would these same people fight for life, with the same zeal as they fight for the right to life? Would they fight for adequate health care and food, as hard as they fight for a dead woman to give birth?


When Job cried out, “Or why was I not as a hidden stillborn child, as infants who never see the light? (Job 3:16)”, he makes us realize that if it is the will of God, then a child is born. If not, the unborn remains as an infant “who never saw the light”.

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