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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished: Osama bin Laden Dead

By Eddie Griffin

As military missions go, there was none more important than bringing down the mastermind of the 9/11 attack upon the United States. Osama bin Laden was Public Enemy Number One around the world: Wanted Dead or Alive.

Early Sunday morning, the search ended in a hail of bullets from Navy SEAL commandoes. Bin Laden was dead.

So ends the nightmare image with which the American people have lived since September 11, 2001. So ends a dark chapter in the lives of peace-loving people across the free world. But the rein of terror does not end here, at least not for the near term. We can expect jihadists who support al Qaeda to continue their destructive rant against the world. However, in due time, the name of Osama bin Laden will be forgotten. Just as President Barack Obama made the announcement Sunday night, “Justice has been done.”

This is the single most important development in the war against terrorism, because it brings us another step closer to ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Indeed, the focus of the Middle Eastern wars, from the very outset in 2003, was “to smoke out Osama bin Laden” and bring him to justice, according to the words of President George Bush.

As the war dragged on, many feared that the goal would never be accomplished, that bin Laden would die an old man in hiding and continue to live on as a mythical hero for enemies of the US. In fact, the families of victims of the 9/11 attack had all but given up hope of justice; and Americans, in general, were beginning to despair of the wars that had cost nearly 50,000 troops’ their lives, and countless others among our allies.

Al Qaeda had orchestrated this bloody chapter of the 21st century, but the mastermind and financier was Osama bin Laden. And, though there will be anger and backlash among radical supporters, the finances for terrorist operations will dry up, arms shipments to militant radicals will decline, mastermind strategies will lose the sharpness of their focus, and recruitment to their cause will wane.

Bin Laden himself will go down into the trash bin of history, along with the likes of Adolf Hitler. And, in due time, after our troops come home from war, we as a nation will began to heal.

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  1. I don't think the mostly Saudi attackers of September 11 acted alone. I think they were convinced to act by agents representing George W. Bush and/or Dick Cheney. I believe this because the aforementioned made such prodigious use of the 9/11 attack in their efforts to militarize the laws and practices of the United States and to commit war crimes overseas.

    Moreover, I am not convinced that Bin Laden is dead. If there were ever a person whom the CIA would like to torture in order to gain additional information, that person would be Osama Bin Laden. Killing him would make all of his knowledge of the Al Qaeda network forever beyond the CIA's reach. Meanwhile, taking him to a CIA "black site" and torturing him for all information and for all eternity would make much more sense (to and for the CIA and the US Government).

    (The phrase "black site" shows why the term "Black People" must be spelled with a capital "B". A "black site" is not a place filled with Black people. Only color-aroused and anti-Black antagonist media drenched in color-aroused thinking could believe that the word "black" can be used both to designate all that is bad and also to designate a skin color-group comprised mostly of people whose skin is brown and beige.)

    Be that as it is, I was chatting with a Brazilian police officer last week and he convinced me that, logically, the CIA would prefer to torture Bin Laden and extract 15 years of terror information from him before killing him. And so, they would never kill him before torturing him.

    Meanwhile, if President Obama announced that Bin Laden had been caught but not killed, then the President would have to allow Bin Laden to have lawyers and those lawyers would inevitably announce that Bin Laden was being tortured, which is a war crime.

    Bin Laden's lawyers would be on television day and night, making Bin Laden's political case and infuriating and frustrating Americans right up until election day 2012, when Obama would be thrown out of office for letting Bin Laden have the world stage for a year and a half.

    Since I know that governments lie when it is convenient and when it is in the interest of national security (e.g. torturing Bin Laden without the interference of his lawyers and the Red Cross), I am compelled by logic and reason to believe that we are not being told the whole truth and we might be the victims of a ton of lies at this moment, with respect to Bin Laden.

    Another good reason to hide but not kill Bin Laden would be to prevent Bin Laden from telling the American public that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney helped plan and facilitate the 9-11 fiasco.

    I believe 9-11 was carried out under the direction of by agent provocateurs, who were facilitating the war on Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the "war president" Bush, the Patriot Act, torture and myriad other evils that were practiced in the name of 9-11