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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Glenn Beck Calls for Shirley Sherrod’s Job Back

Glenn Beck Calls for Shirley Sherrod’s Reinstatement

Can you believe it? FOX commentator Glenn Beck is calling for Shirley Sherrod, former USD administrator, dismissed for comments taken out of context by a conservative blogger.

It seems that FOX News and Commentators speak with forked tongues. Only yesterday, it seems, that FOX commentator Bill O’Reilly was calling for her crucifixion.

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Another Obama official forced out

"As we told you last night, Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod admitted that years ago she held back some government assistance to a white farmer because of the color of his skin. After hearing that I said 'Ms. Sherrod must resign immediately,' and that's exactly what happened. But if you were watching the network news last night you would know nothing about the story. Once again, an embarrassing moment for the Obama administration was not covered. In the big picture this is a small story; every administration has had employees do dumb things. But why the news blackout when things become unpleasant for the Obama administration? The answer has to be bias - the establishment press tilts left and is reluctant to do damage to a very liberal president. There's no other reason to spike stories that bring millions of viewers to Fox News. You would think the other TV news operations, all of whom are not doing well, would want to attract that large audience. Apparently they don't."


Didn’t this same FOX News Report issue this story as BREAKING NEWS?

Sure! Breaking News: An innocent black woman is lynched by crafty racist deception: FOX News.

Beck calls for Shirley Sherrod to be reinstated.

Too late, Shirley is a martyr like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose character was assassinated long before he died.

If I were Shirley, I would not go back until America hangs her head in shame, for this mass rush to judgment. In the meantime, she should sue the Agriculture Department for wrongful termination.

There is someone out there retrieving old black video tapes, doctoring them, and create hysteric fears and racial animosities, INTENTIONALLY (Willfully), for purposes other than what is publically known, subversive, spread throughout the television network airways of FOX.

[Isn’t this an FCC issue?]

So much for truth in journalism: THE SPIN STOPS HERE

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