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Marion Brothers

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

AfroSpear at DNC: HOPE Come Alive

TAVIS SMILEY | Black Women in Europe | PBS
Stockholm-based blogger Adrianne George shares her experiences of bringing the Democratic Party nomination of Sen. Barack Obama to Blacks in Europe.

TAVIS SMILEY | Jack & Jill Politics | PBS
Cheryl Contee (aka Jill Tubman) of Jack & Jill Politics explains how bloggers must get stories that go beyond mainstream TV coverage.

TAVIS SMILEY | Pam's House Blend | PBS
Pam's House Blend editor and publisher Pam Spaulding tells us how DNC access for bloggers changes the political landscape and discusses how LGBT issues have been addressed this election season.

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  1. Eddie, thanks for all of your support in my getting to the DNC in November. It was great meeting fellow AfroSpear members from Dallas South and Jack and Jill Politics, and of course working with African American Political Pundit.

    I am continuing working on getting Americans living overseas reqistered and requesting absentee ballots.