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Marion Brothers

Monday, July 7, 2008

To My Black Republican Friends:

Why Vote for Barack Obama

From: Eddie Griffin

Consider the alternative: John McCain. If that ain’t enough to make you think twice, you need to go back, and examine some core values. Why are you here to begin with, as a black Republican... a role model for whom?

Some black Republicans are cranking up the pressure on other black Republicans to take a second look at Senate Barack Obama, in comparison to Senator John McCain. It is the War in Iraq that differs McCain from black Republicans, and by his war hawkish inclinations and antagonistic angry demeanor.

Recent comments by well-known black Republicans J.C. Watts and Armstrong Williams that they’re conflicted about the upcoming presidential elections and are contemplating voting for Barack Obama have sent shock waves through the Republican Party. (“Why black Republicans support Obama”, Black Politics on the Web)

We, members of Republicans for Black Empowerment, recognize the historical context of the times we live in and take pride in Senator Barack Obama conquering this nation’s most enduring racial barriers to become the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for President of the United States of America... Senator Obama’s nomination confirms how far the nation has traveled toward fulfilling its Constitutional premise that all men are created equal and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of racial equality. (“Republicans for Black Empowerment Salute Senator Barack Obama on Historic Triumph”, Black Politics on the Web)

The 2008 Democratic National Convention is scheduled for August 25-28 in Denver, Colorado. It will be a moment in history, when an African-American is nominated to be the next President of the United States.

On the closing night of the ceremonies, Thursday, August 28, 2008, Barack Obama will lead a Democratic Party rally, the size of Invesco Field, home of the Denver Broncos football team, with a seating capacity of more than 76,000.

Whether by coincidence or whether by design, the day will mark the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

By inspiration of the day, let us pray for the next President of the United States of America.


  1. Eddie, the greatest challenge for any Black Republican is to rationalize why they're part of a party that can barely contain its racism. I imagine Log Cabin Republicans have the same problem trying to rationalize why they're part of a party can is anti-gay and Lesbian. Of course, that principle also applies for working class whites, so go figure--how does the GOP fool so many of the people so much of the time?

  2. The evil is not in the party. It's in the people.